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League Of Legends Poem (Non Attachable)

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Hey guys, here a poem I wrote for League of Legends since no one replied to my other one so.. here it is...

They are many things that past by
From League of Legends to the greatest fails
Sometimes we fail and just sigh
The most times League is about males

The greatest time could be challenging and hard
From the many cry’s and little rage
The sting is like sharp as a Zard
The pains in the butt are the most spelled mage

We buy champions and get greedy
But that’s not the key to win this fun game
Most people are OP with much meaty
But the most challenging champion is the same

Rudeness in a game is not fine
Feeders or many bad trolls
But all they say is just mine
But it’s hard when they just a hoe

We always have a chance to lose
But don’t give up and surrender
But sometimes we do a little cruise
Or else you would be a little loser

Always have positive mood
Don’t QQ and you will be great
Or else you would be a noob
There might be not even a single hate.

Aggressive and following is the key
Listening and seeing feelings
Speak up and say HEY
Or else you wouldn’t be appealing

Ranks could be crazy and scary
But times has got to come
Moments could be a little hairy
To my little shopping home

I might be crazy
But it’s here my ending << Free Write a bit.
So Call Me League
Or I will be angry