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@Statikk, Season 3 Wriggle Proc

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Since items are being rehauled, is there a reason to keep the bonus magic damage as a RNG proc? Warden's Mail was changed so it's passive is more reliable, leaving +crit stat and Phage/Trinity slows as the only forms of RNG on items.

As a jungler main the current Wriggle's can create extremely frustrating situations when you're stealing buffs, doing dragon, or probably the worst case is giving blue to middle. I'm forced to stop attacking at 600hp+ which can waste over 10 seconds depending on who your mid is. This allows time for enemy counterjungle, missed ganks and just taking extra damage unnecessarily. I don't really see this as a strategic choice either, as in buy Wriggle's to jungle faster but now it'll be harder to donate blue.

Suppose it was changed to:

UNIQUE Passive - Rend: After 4 basic attacks against minion/monsters, your next basic attack against a minion/monster will deal a bonus 450 magic damage.

A buff would be displayed, like Ionic Spark, to show how many charges you currently have. If this makes it a stronger passive, the numbers could easily be adjusted to compensate. I would gladly trade reduced damage for increased reliability. A potential abuse case could be priming a proc before going to counterjungle/do dragon, this could be solved by making your charges reset after a certain time.

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That's actually a really good idea o.O