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Just wondering.

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Im just wondering, what is the length of time available to be used between cases? Let me explain.

I just got a warning from the tribunal, no argument on it I got really ragey, what I found weird, one of the games was from yesterday where I got really stressed, the other was from almost a year ago. (I only know cause of LoL replays) How long is it before games can't be used together like that?

Edit: Nevermind on the "I deserved it" part, I read through the chat entirely on all games. I only raged in one game, 2 others I never talked at all and one I got reported for feeding when I went 22/4. on top of that of all 5 games I was reported 1 time in each and only 2 of the reports actually had information in them and both of them were directed at another player.