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Why was I suspended for 2 weeks?

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Game 1:

One of the reporters stated, "trolling in champ seleect and intentionally feeding"

- While we can't see this to see if/how true it is, it can contribute if other evidence is offered.

"Heimerdinger [All] [00:01:45] maphacks
Amumu [All] [00:01:53] wut were u doing
Heimerdinger [All] [00:01:54] i dont think anybody facechecks that bush
Sion [All] [00:02:01] hes feeding on purpose

- Again, I could give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you aren't feeding, but I would have to check your score and make some kind of judgment about how much effort you were putting in, so...

"9 Heimerdinger Heimerdinger 0/10/1 3694 57
12 Sion Sion 4/0/2 6490 100
12 Galio Galio 1/3/0 4363 95
11 Caitlyn Caitlyn 3/3/4 5643 102
11 Blitzcrank Blitzcrank 2/4/3 3405 22

So you have as many deaths as the rest of the team combined.
You have 0 kills (and are not support, but AP carry.
You have 1/2 - 1/3 the cs you reasonably should at that point.
You have almost as low of total gold as the support--who didn't build gp/10 items.

Looking at this, it's fair to assume you weren't just playing badly, but were either feeding, or not helping your team (at the least).

"Heimerdinger [00:03:41] these people are jokes
Heimerdinger [00:03:55] trying so hard in normals
Jax [All] [00:04:30] so whats this
Jax [All] [00:04:35] season 3 new meta?
Heimerdinger [00:07:22] best team na

- This just really trolly, and you know it. Again, not enough by itself that I would punish you for it, but it doesn't help your case.

"Heimerdinger [All] [00:11:43] please also report galio
Heimerdinger [All] [00:11:47] hes obviously trolling
Heimerdinger [All] [00:11:51] cuz he has a bad score.bad game
Jax [All] [00:12:09] u cant get banned for bad play
Heimerdinger [All] [00:12:14] exactly
Heimerdinger [All] [00:12:18] i dont know why sion wants me reproted
Jax [All] [00:12:20] but u sir r trollin
Heimerdinger [All] [00:12:25] prove it?
Heimerdinger [All] [00:12:33] yup.
Jax [All] [00:12:38] well everyone seen it
Heimerdinger [All] [00:12:44] that is definitely proof
Heimerdinger [All] [00:13:01] what part of my gameplay is trolling jax?
Jax [All] [00:13:07] all of it

- While it's true you won't get suspended/banned for bad play, just saying that you aren't a troll doesn't make it true. The general way you've been talking to people all game looks like you are trolling.

"Heimerdinger [00:16:17] so gg
Heimerdinger [00:16:20] stupid troll
Sion [00:16:30] kid we all reporting u
Heimerdinger [00:16:56] Of course you all are
Heimerdinger [00:16:58] you are a premade
Heimerdinger [00:17:06] You all have brazilian connection
Heimerdinger [00:17:19] and are spamming to report me in all chat

- This is something I would punish you for. You are insulting your teammates, calling them Brazilian (as if that automatically means they are bad), and accusing them of falsely reporting when it's pretty clear so far that you are trolling.

- The final nail in the coffin is this: You spent half the game in /all chat. Unless it's joking around playfully, it's considered trolling.

- Just because a few things individually have room for doubt, it doesn't mean people will believe you are innocent. Collectively, it's a case of "obvious troll is obvious."

So if after all of this, you still don't understand why you got reported/banned, you probably can expect a perma-ban in the near future, because (as I have stated before) you don't get a 2 week ban for a first, or even second offense. It's after repeatedly reportable behavior that you get that punishment.

Just to repeat one more time, you have a choice: Reform, or get banned.

I hope you take it seriously if you really do like to play this game.