Stupid Unexplainable Lag spikes

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So, usually when I played League my ping would be around 70-80 MS and whatnot but as of lately while I'm playing a match I start to have massive lag spikes (Not FPS, my FPS runs at 30-40). It started since about 4 days ago and the problem hasn't been shaken off. I could be playing a game normally my ping being in check but all of a sudden my character starts moving in place and I can't activate any of my abilities or anything, a teamfight would happen and when I'm trying to do something my character just freezes in place, I can see what's going on the damage that's being dealt, I can't see skills that are being casted and I can't cast any skills at all. Sometimes I think I can get away from the fight but not even my flash would activate and its been quite annoying, League has become practically unplayable for me, and before someone throws out the "its your ISP" card I've had no problems with any other game I play regularly. It really irritates me that I can't play any matches specially when I love this game and its content.