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Question about Lee Sin and Gunblade

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Olek Skilgannon:
You get W on Lee Sin for the bonus armor, lifesteal and spellvamp. This is your sustain. W W Q R Q with auto 2 autos between those, leads to a lot of healing. The shield bonus and armor will help vs. the majority of most team compositions where they run AD bruiser, AD carry and usually have a jungler dealing physical damage as well.

The active on gunblade is EXTREMELY useful and has pretty decent range to it.

Maxing w vs e second is situational choice and just comes down to how the game is going, pretty self explanatory, no one way is right, especially not on a champ as versatile as lee sin.

I like building bilgewater some games, it's a cheap damage item that's well priced imo. I play top lee (nearly 300 soloq games last season with him) and find it works especially well vs lanes like vlad/singed/nidalee where you need to stick to them and be able to match their healing/sustain. It's somewhat of a middleground between wriggles and bloodthirster, where you might be wasting the armor vs the ap lane, and you don't necessarily want to drop 3k on a damage item as you still need to build resists/hp. I almost never upgrade it into gunblade unless it's a lolstomp game, usually end up selling it when I need a 6th item. Overall bilgewater is a solid midgame item, great price for the stats + superb utility it provides.

Thanks for the W explanation.

About Gunblade, if you see what I quoted in bold I wrote about how the Active gives Great utility and me going a bit overboard to drive home a point.

Now like you said about Cutlass, its a great item and now that BotrK is going to move to SR its gonna be even better, I am just saying we should give people the choice of going for something else.

Gunblade is an amazing item on bruisers, and if they just changed a couple of little things on it it will be really good and will also make people choose whether to upgrade to Blade or Gunblade depending on the situation,

I really dont see any downside to making this a little more bruiser oriented.