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Ranked tribunal

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Stomp of God

Junior Member


There should be a system that if some one on your team gets reported and found guilty in a ranked match and your team lost, the rest of your teams elo that was lost during that match should be returned and the loss should be take off your record. I have had 7 out of 20 matches that have had an afk, rage quit or troll and because of that I am punished and for that I am stuck in elo hell to deal with more people like this. It's biggest problem I see that NEEDs to be fixed. I lose all motivation to play ranked and even try to play seriously when asses like this play. All it does, is creates a breeding ground for more trolls and bad behavior. Raise the punishment for guilty and take away the penalty for the rest of the team that suffers. Or at least give us the option so send in our lol replay to show that we could have won and appeal the lost elo.

Today I had some one who just sat at base and was "chilling". Did not even come near a team fight and was lvl 12 by end game of 44 minutes. This person should be banned from ranked for 6+ months. So if they want to screw around then it will not negatively affect people who are trying and take this game seriously for at least 6 months.

I have written enough reports, expressing my concerns and I don't know if they are being acknowledged so I am writing it here.