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Do you want an Anti-Feeder/Troll System ingame?

Yes 4 66.67%
No 2 33.33%
Voters 6 .

A concept idea for an Anti-Feeder System (PLEASE VOTE)

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Junior Member


I think everyone has experienced this kind of situations sometimes at League in Legends:

Situation 1:

You're playing a good game, then one or two on your team start to suck really bad (and both are lvl 30), with "suck" i meant like 3 or 4 deaths without having a kill or assistance.

Situation 2:

You're playing a ranked match or just a regular one, and one of your team is trolling and ruining the game for your team.

So now you wonder how can we fix this problem? How can we take care of this people?

For me its simple, as i'm an ex DOTA player i was used to see hosted games with bots, where admins in every match could kick or start a votekick for someone in their team or enemy team ruining the game.

Sounds really cool right? What if Riot manage somehow to create a votekick system for teams inside the match? You know...the same system for surrender, but for players, so in that way people like me and you can save a match and avoid losing so badly.

Also i want to say that this is just a concept idea, we could participate to modify this and try to adapt to LOL needs.

Now is your turn to do something, comment on this post, express yourself and we will have Riot attention about this topic.

Thanks for read and vote

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So you're saying we should have a system for kicking players out of a game, but how would that balance out with the number of players on the opposing team? It would turn into 4vs5, can you elaborate if you meant something else?

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Junior Member


Well, since everyone I know has a bad game once in a while or even a very bad day, this seems like overkill.

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Senior Member


I'm regularly one of those that gets killed 5-6 times a game. I've been working on it, but a votekick seems a little excessive, especially when you run into a scenario where the champion matchup is just bad.

You also run into situations where your teammates are stealing minion kills from you while expecting you to perform without any gold (and then blame you for dying or for not protecting them when they die).

in short, a system like this will just deny IP to players that are already having trouble.

I think a better system would be to make successive kills worth a cumulative 34% less (after 3 consecutive deaths, they're no longer worth anything to the enemy).