Do you think a Sunfury Diana - The Obedient Solarian would work well with her lore?

Yes - This idea is amazing and I would pay instantly for this skin! 2 66.67%
Yes - This is a so-so idea and might be worth it 0 0%
Yes 0 0%
No 0 0%
No - Why are you trying? 0 0%
No - Play bots kid... 1 33.33%
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Sunfury Diana - The Obedient Solarian

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The attached photo gave me the idea for a "Sunfury Diana - The Obedient Solarian". This skin would demonstrate what Diana would look like if she had followed obediently the lore of the Solari, rather than follow her inquisitive nature to seek the understanding of the moon.

Her blade would be much different, something more along the lines of Leona's sun sword. And her armor would have to be light in nature (or on fire). Her hair could be on fire or something similar to Wildfire Zyra's and her Crescent Strike would become a Double-Crescent going forward from the blade. I would imagine the crescent magic damage to be half of her normal damage on either side until both parts meet to form the circular shape. The rest is easily imaginable, the Pale cascade would have to become a Burning Sunshield or something of the like. Moonfall would become Gravity Pull or similar and Lunar Rush would become SOL-Rush (speed of light).

I would love for any amazing artists to take this and run with it, I can draw up simple sketches but nothing that would do this idea justice.

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Really cool concept!

I don't like the fiery stuff though, solari makes me think more of something similar to celestine sorakas, or leonas particles. Gold, beaming radiant light. That kinda thing