Players in Lower Elos are butt hurt and it reflects in the tribunal

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In almost any game if you have lower elo players and start talking about elo they will be butthurt, if you are lower elo and deny it, you are only fooling yourself

although i deserved to be banned for trash talking

my first case i didn't say one abusive word

just talked about elo and made clear that kats starting items sucked

second case
i didnt say one abusive word either
i just told them to attack and stop afking near tower
i did call someone a noob though maybe thats why?

third game
i said one abusive word to my friend irl because he mains support
and i got banned from a report from another player

fourth game
was frustrated because someone took top after i first called it
and i was being duo-que bullied
i even ignored the other players
yes i still get reported

fifth game
highly frustrated because team was intentionally throwing
so i threw out one abusive word and my entire team was afk