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JacksonSolo Ranked Support Gameplay Stream

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Hey guys!

I just set up a livestream today, wanted to test my success with this kind of thing lol. So if youre interested in playing ranked support stop on by.

About me:
Im 18 years old, Ima dude, and I like playing LoL So yeah, thats all I got :/

Why would you watch me?
Most of you probably wont, but I really do enjoy playing. So I'll keep doing this because I enjoy it... and I have a three month subscribtion to stream lol.

I also have a youtube channel. I've made some champion, beginner, item, jungling, terms, etc guides. Only have about 15 videos cause they take a lot of time and effort to make, but I plan on making more

I'll prolly be playing Sona and Lux support today. Can't say for sure, depends on the team comp, but you'll prolly seem em at some point. If you guys enjoy, Ill set up a regular stream schedule

Im just under 1300 elo right now. Which isnt bad considering i was 900 at the end of season 2. Ive gone 10-4 this season. Went 6-0 with Sona my first 6 games with a 2/3/17 kdr, then lost the next two, one of them being 4 v 5, so its about 2/4/15 currently. Went 2-0 with Lux, 1.5/1/9.5 kdr. And 1-0 with Zyra, 0/6/18 kdr. (wasnt pretty but got the job done lol). Lost with Nidalee support, 0/7/10. Not gunna lie, that one was ugly. Me and the adc were not on the same page, remotely. Got trolled by a duo when I went Nautilus support... 0/10/2 in a solo bot lane >.< sigh... the stories we have to tell lol.

Thats the rundown on my stats, not perfect, but Im still learning

Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrJacksonSolo?feature=mhee
LiveStream: http://www.own3d.tv/live/417668

I'll be starting up in about 5mins, but the stream is up now

Also, what times do you guys usually watch streams? Just trying to figure out a schedule.