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Support Viktor: Blitzcrank on SlimFast.

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Senior Member


Regarding PBE changes to Viktor:

Evolution: Gravity Storm
Item Cost: 2000
Recipe Cost: 1000
+3 Ability Power per level +40 Ability Power +25% Cooldown Reduction +12% Movement Speed
Augment Ability: Gravity Field is 20% larger and can be cast instantly.
Evolve Ability: A target that is damaged for the first time by Chaos Storm will be silenced for 2 seconds.

...Hohoho. It'll be a big gold sink, but that is gonna be the icing on the Support cake.

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The Magus

Senior Member


What are you doing for late game itemization? I think one of the reasons we don't see this sort of AP bot support is a lack of any real support item with AP on it. Season 3 might be a good change for that, but in the meantime...