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Thornmail should apply Grievous Wounds to attackers

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Can't have it all the time. Perhaps give it an active that applies grievous wounds for the next X seconds.

If it's up all the time, ADC's no longer exist in this game.

They would be replaced with on-hit builds. You don't want to see more Teemo, do you?


make it a 10sec activate with a 1min cd

but u would have to reduce the refect, to somthing like 15-20%

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Just create a legendary item whose recipe is Thornmail + new Executioner's Calling (and maybe a different version that uses Morellonomicon and relies on an active). Then merge the two appropriately. This requires the tank to actually be attacking the carry with a basic attack in order to facilitate the grievous wounds for 1.5 seconds.

As it stands, the issue with Executioner's is that it is a very low tier item. It really should have at least one more tier of items to build into. Same with thornmail.

Mind you, applying grievous wounds whenever the person with thornmail is attacked, rather than, as executioner's calling has it set up (for applying the wounds to whoever they attack with a basic attack) would be broken. ADC would just flat out kill themselves attacking tanks unless they built on-hit or stacked lifesteal. That's not to mention the hp/5 gain with the new Warmogs.