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Runic Bulwark

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I was hoping since it is classified as a "Godlike" item it might get a unique upgrade path like Muramana and Seraph's Embrace (I also think Blade of the Ruined King should get a unique upgrade path). I would also like to see it get an active effect. I would lower the stats to compensate for not needing to spend gold and for adding a unique active.

Aegis of the Legion:
250 Health
20 Armor
20 Magic Resist
(Unique Aura) Legion - Nearby allies gain 10 Armor, 15 MR, 10 Health Regain per 5.

This item transforms once the player destroys two towers, gaining a unique siege active.

Runic Bulwark:
300 HP
25 Armor
30 MR
(Unique Aura) Legion - Nearby allies gain 15 Armor, 20 MR, 10 Health Regain per 5.
(Unique Active) Fortify - Block the next tower attack made on target ally. 60 second cooldown

This would encourage the pushing of towers for the upgrade and the effect is versatile. You can protect an ally that is diving for a kill, or protect an ally fleeing from the tower after getting a kill. It wouldn't be something too powerful because it only blocks one tower attack.

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truely god like item that makes you very tanky and make your team tanky too.

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so if you end up not being able to snipe a tower cuz your allies or minions ends up doing it, then you never get the item? doesnt sound like a reliable method