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Ezreal help needed AP and AD and Hybird guide

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When i first got Ezreal i was destroying everybody .Im am currently lvl 23 and i got ezreal around lvl18 . However recently i have been doing progressively worse with him . Im not sure if it is thenerfor if is just me . The dueling potential in AD is gone so i'm not sure what to do . I've been playing him AD and AP . As of now i cant tell which is better . I like to nuke more than poke . I also dont like to lose a lot of late game damage . I would greatly apreciate you if u could give me an AD and an AP guide for Ezreal . I would also like a Hybird Ezreal although he probably isn't very viable . Btw i do use build guides but none of them have been working out for me . I also have a question for u guys do u think it would be good if Ezreal had a dual passive like Akali does .

Thank You

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Hi, LustFever here.
I'm a 1500's elo player who enjoys playing Ezreal.
My primary role in ranked is Mid AP Carry, but I like to fill in as AD Ezreal if there are no other options.
You said you like to nuke more than poke, right? Then Ezreal is NOT the champion for you. Let's look at Ezreal's skill set-

Q: Mystic Shot. Non-targetted skill shot that hits a single target. (Poke)
W: Essence Flux. Non-targetted skill shot that hits multiple targets in a SINGLE LINE (Unless you're in a super good positioning in a teamfight as AP Ezreal to somehow land this on most of the enemy team, this would be another poking skill)
E: Arcane Shift: Blink Skill that deals damage if you build AP (Unreliable on which champion it will hit, and you have to blink pretty close to that champion in order for the damage to proc, so it's definetley not a nuke)
R: Trueshot Barrage: Non targetted skillshot nuke.

Only his ultimate is a nuke. If you want a super nukey champion as AP, try playing champions such as Orianna, Ziggs, Zyra, etc. To be honest, Ezreal loses his potential as an AP mid, but it's up to you.

The dueling potential in AD isn't completely gone (though yes, it has been significantly decreased)
Just poke a lot with your Q in lane (never poke with W, it deals less damage than your auto attacks but costs so much mana) and farm. You really shouldn't be putting yourself into situations where you are dueling another AD Carry 1v1 who is equally farmed / fed as you are because that's a BAD idea. Ezreal's skillsets are made for poking and kiting, not stand there and blow your head off (Graves).

AD Ezreal build is quite simple, it's a standard AD Carry build where you replace the phantom dancer with a Trinity Force.
Here is a guide I used to use though: it really helped me out a lot. http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/ezreal-its-over-9000-ad-carry-ap-caster-build-177670

Have fun with Ezreal!