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Season 3 Jungle Warwick/Fiddlesticks in the utility tree

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Having watched Stonewall's video, (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5V9ArrPx1LE&feature=relmfu) it is apparent that Warwick and fiddlesticks are both mana dependant, but health independant- that is, they dont actually need heath pots to sustain, even in the new jungle.

With the machete costing only 300 of the starting gold, that leaves 175... 5 gold short of Fairy Charm. With utility tree, you can pick up an extra 40 gold, allowing each of them to pick up mastery mana regen, Fairy charm, and a potion, putting you one step closer to a philostone, with GP10 masteries, and you can pick up some of the cool masteries buried deep in the utility tree.