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Breaking the Elo barrier- Game begins in Champion Selection

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Hey guys, LustFever here.
I'm a player who mains Mid AP Carry.
I know it sounds really cocky for me to say this, but I wanted to share some information with you guys that might help you break out of the 1200's and 1300 elos.
Back in season 2, I would say that I was a decent player. However, I was stuck in 1200's-1300's and could never break the barrier of 1400! (I was always stuck at 1398, omg). Yeah, I know, it sounds stupid for a 1200 elo player to call himself decent, but I think some of the games I've played, I've already lost at the champion selection screen. Some people main mid just like I do, but they can't fill in on any other roles. Sometimes, I would be stubborn and force them to play other roles such as jungle, top, etc. Without a doubt, they sucked HARD. I wanted to try something different, because I didn't want to stay in low elo anymore. Season 3, my first 10 placement matches, I called "Mid Please" during queue, but I filled in on other roles when needed. To my surprise, I've won most of the games played, and I ended at 1274 elo last season, but climbed upto 1500 in just 3 days when season 3 had begun ( Yeah I know, it's just placement matches, but it feels SWEET to have a golden emblem on your profile ).
So my advice to you is this: Learn to play many other roles, buy standardized runes for many champions. Communication during queue is crucial. You and your teammates will be able to share information on who to pick, ban, counter, trade, etc.

I hope you guys found my information to be useful.