Freezing at the Summoning screen.

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Dayne McNasty



This happened to me 2 times before I decided to post on the forums about it, and for those 2 times with technical problems LeaveBuster banned me from League for 7 days. Now, I must go the entire thanksgiving break without playing because no one helped me resolve this issue. I'm going to post this thread in every forum until someone helps me fix it.

I play League all day every day. Today it starts ****ing with me. I try to join a normal draft game, champion select goes smoothly, no lag no freezing no nothing. as soon as the champion loading screen comes up, I see 1 second of actual loading and everything freezes. My computer completely locks up. I can't alt+tab out, I can't ctrl+alt+delete, I can't Alt+f4, can't press escape, can't do anything.

I literally have to hold my power button and hard reboot my PC. This is surprising to me because I get in about 10-15 games a day with no problems, aside from a lag spike every now and then. I've tried running as an administrator, tried changing compatibility, but it doesn't work. It shouldn't work because I never had to do that before. I've always played the game regularly without altering anything and now it starts acting up.

Thanks for reading.

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Senior Member


I'd move this to the Report a Bug thread, but try turning off any and all unnecessary programs.