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C'mon now, let's be serious...

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Good afternoon/evening/what-have-you.

I'm a new summoner in terms of the time I've been playing.And I've accumulated multiple bans because of this same issue.

When loading a game this 'bug splat' would appear and close my game client and further prompting me to send a report.I've been banned for 3 days prior to this because of this same issue.

So, today I decide to play with my favorite Champion, full support Soraka. The game loads me to about 14% and the bug splat closes it.I try multiple times to re-open the game, to no avail.Even going as far as updating my laptop.

After 7 minutes of re-opening the game, after updating my laptop, the game allows me to reconnect to the game that I never got to start in the first place.After catching up to everyone's level and inevitably losing the match, I get the message that I'm banned.(For 5 days.)

Now, let me be perfectly clear, so there is no misconception in what I'm asking.

Why am I banned after coming back?

Would the outcome be the same if I didn't come back?

Should I of been a mean person and said, "Who cares about my team?They're going to lose if I come back or not.And even if I do come back and help, I still get banned, so what does it matter?"

This system actually promotes me to not come back in the event that an error occurs, or if my laptop battery dies, or whatever else can cause a disconnection.

It makes me say, "To hell with it, I'll be banned for 5 days if I come back regardless."

I'm not outraged, just a little bit puzzled on why this is.Why if a good person comes back and helps his team should he receive the same punishment that a bad person would?