PBE AD Caster Itemization

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To add another point of view to the discussion about AD caster itemization.

There are actually quite a few items in the PBE that have good synergy with certain AD casters:

- The new Sword of the Divine, which has good synergy with AD burst casters (assassins, aka Pantheon/Talon). If they already have a good amount of AD, the active on this item increases their burst further than another AD item. Especially if they did not have Crit Chance before.

- Tiamat and Ravenous Hydra, which give ludicrous amounts of AD and synergize with AD casters with a lot of on-hit applying abilities (Renekton) or which have strong incentives to auto-attack (Riven)

- The new Black Cleaver, especially in combination with Tiamat/Hydra. Softening targets up for you own attacks, as well as for those of the AD carry.

- Mercurial Scimitar, another strong (and hella expensive) option for AD + MR

- New Zeke's, which should give an interesting option for CdR, now that it gives AD in place of AS.

- Manamune/Muramana, which gives a metric tonne of mana and, for the Muramana, a ton of damage. Urgot should be pleased...

For example, I could envision building Riven as an initiator/softener with boots of choice, Black Cleaver, Tiamat (later on RH), Zeke's, Randuin's and Mercurial Scimitar. Good amount of AD (210), Health (750), good resistances (45 MR, 70 Armor). In a teamfight, the aim would be to debuff as many targets as possible.

There are still some things the new items could do better for AD casters, however:

- An item for AD and Armor (not strictly necessary)

- The armor reduction aura of good ol' Stark's

- something akin to Rylai's (although a direct mirror would be rather uncreative...)

- a non-AP Spellvamp item, although this should be done very carefully (Xyph explained really well why Spellvamp is such a problematic stat: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...1#post31104751 )

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