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I want to design champions for LoL!

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j c0le:
dude, stop wasting your time. no one cares.

Oh hey look opinions that aren't really positive.

I'm surprised it took five pages to get to this. Thanks for the free bump BTW.

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This concept doesn't count considering I posted it back in October, but why not add anyways?

Fangor, Speaker to the Elements


Deep in the Shurima desert there exists a tribe of men and women who worship only the elements. Fire, earth, air and water. All must exist in harmony to keep the world in balance. Fangor is the latest in a long line of shaman who guard the world's elements. All was well until Fangor caught word of a place called the League of Legends. Making a pilgrimage across the desert with the tomahawk of shamans before him as well as a mighty totem pole to serve as a marker should he perish, the sights Fangor came upon appalled him.

Fire elementals, brazenly controlling others and wanting only destruction. Ice elementals, freely serving under nations to further their gains. Earthen elementals torn from their homes in other planes of existence or given life by poisonous means of magic and reckless human nature. Fangor knew he could not return to his tribe...and instead joined the League of Legends. For if no one would dare harness the elements and keep balance? He'd defend it with only his tomahawk and totem pole.

"These men have forgotten the ways of old. I will re-instruct them...by force, if necessary." -Fangor

One thing ever apparent is that Fangor's lore is meant to take note that there are a LOT of elementals in the league. Malphite, Anivia, Brand, Janna, Maokai and more. So who is to say that everyone would agree with the idea that all these elementals get to run free? Especially since some were just torn from their home ala Malphite and Maokai.

Along with that, we don't have many spiritual men in the league. We have some, yes, but most are fighting for country or for their own gain. We don't have many heroic people who are fighting for the sake of keeping the world turning (See: Kassadin) and I wanted to add to that.


Fangor's a support, but he's mainly a mix of defensive and aggressive. If you're trying to be extremely aggressive or defensive, you're more likely than not going to suffer as opposed to someone who is more specilized in either field (Say: Leona or Soraka). While Fangor has amazing utility, he also can only use one spell per cast. He's more meant to be a 'counter support' who you pick against certain choices.

This brings about the concept of choice supporting: Considering many feel support is a "boring" role, I wanted to make a character who was the epitome of constantly moving and doing things. Not to mention with a offensive and defensive ability for each skill, you'll NEVER feel like you're twiddling thumbs waiting for a spell cast to return.

However, Fangor would be a support more reliant on team play: While he has lots of abilities for CC, his ultimate requires a team to play with his strength. While he has utility, he lacks some of the raw damage other supports can deal without items. Definitely someone you'd wanna use with a team more so than solo queue.


Passive- Reincarnation: An attack that would result in death will instead restore 20% of the shaman's HP and 10% of his mana. Can only occur once every five minutes.

With this skill, you can play a bit aggressively. However, unlike Anivia's spell or a GA (which has you sit there while you respawn), you can keep running after being hit...the trade off is that you're not getting nearly as much health back. You're still going to be in danger but it'll give you that little extra boost to stay alive in that clutch team fight.

Along with that, it's not like Mundo's ultimate or Volibear's passive where you can remove some of the health with grievous wounds debuff: It's instant. Just FAR less than you'd get with either choice.

Q- Burning Tomahawk/Molten Rage: Fangor invokes the power of flame. When cast on an ally, that ally gains a small movement speed bonus as well as a small boost to AD damage. When cast on an enemy, that enemy is burned for magic damage (DoT) and gains grievous wounds.

A choice for the offensive support, using this would definitely help against some of the more irritating supports who can constantly heal. However, by limiting their healing power, you're not going to be giving your ADC the movement bonus nor the bonus damage. In a fight against another ADC? That'd be a HUGE deal because while you can't heal as well, they can still buff an ally to deal more damage than your ADC.

W- Ocean's Fortitude/Tidal Prison: The shaman summons cleansing waters. When cast on an ally, that ally gains bonus HP and pushes back enemies in a short range. When cast on an enemy, that enemy is encased in a bubble that makes them untargetable by allies. The bubble shatters in 1-2-3 hits (Increasing per level)

As opposed to healing your ally, you give them bonus HP that will expire after the effect is over. It's been done before only once (Lulu's ult) and I felt it was a neat concept. However, you won't get to constantly keep your ADC at 100% like other supports because you're only BUFFING health, not RESTORING it. As a damaging ability it would definitely be a skill that could help if their support is constantly shielding/healing/buffing.

E- Earth's Embrace/Crushing Quarry: Fangor commands the earth around him. When cast on an ally, they gain a shield. While the shield is active, CC duration is lowered by a small percent. When cast on an enemy, the enemy is locked in place for a few seconds.

On-demand root! Always a nice thing. This is a bit more of a basic support skill: A shield or a root. Sorta helps your allies. Sorta hinders your enemy. However, this is a non-noteworthy skill mixed in with others to make Fangor's kit shine thanks to heavy use of mixing and matching to get which combination of offensive skills and defensive skills would be best suited for the situation/lane enemy.

R-Totemic Storm: The shaman slams his totem pole into the ground, summoning a lightning storm within several yards of the totem pole. While in the storm, allies gain passive HP regen, armor and MR. Enemies are randomly struck by lightning, losing attack speed and being slowed. The lightning cannot strike the same champion more than once every five seconds. The shaman must collect his totem or die to stop the effect. Passively drains mana while active.

Less of a "WOW GAMECHANGER" skill and more of a passive bonus for everyone, this is a skill that will require an intelligent team to fight in it to receive the maximum benefit as well as account for it. On the flip side while it can be used for area denial (Such as baron or dragon), it's not strong enough on it's own to completely force a retreat. It's a skill that's meant to add a little icing on that Amumu ult or make that Galio ult hit a little less hard.


Upon selection: The elements call to us, Summoner. Let us not make them wait.

"They have forgotten the ways of old."
"Nature cries out."
"There is much pollution in this land."

"There will be bloodshed as you command."
"You are far too dangerous to the world to let live."
"Stay behind me, I shall handle this."

Attack target on an elemental (Anivia/Brand/Etc):
"I banish you from this plane!"
"The arcane has torn you from your home."
"Your pain is nearly over."

Fangor should be like the native shaman who is wise and stoic despite his "lack" of civilization. He should be quiet but strong. Wise but not boastful. A man you can trust and get behind without ever feeling that he should hurt you. In essence, he should be a support above others.

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Onward! To the top of GD!

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Ima just bump dis.

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Senior Member


Congrats on your champion being made. Vi is Mach.

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Congrats on your champion being made. Vi is Mach.


If anything Vi is similar to Maggie. Vi's only similarity to mach is being an ally to Caitlyn. That's about it.

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Ooh, cool. Lots of stable concepts that would work pretty well. The duality that you used in a few champs works pretty well for them. I think my favourite is Fangor, mainly because there are so many choices. Granted, the power wouldn't be as strong for his skills as much as other supports, but it allows for counterplay against whatever they might be using. Also, one thing I noticed with his totem, was that if Fangor was driven away from his Totem, it would not deactivate, unless he was killed. So essentially, he might stay at zero mana, unless he had a Chalice of Harmony or Unholy Grail? If he were at zero mana, would the effect stop and let him recharge, until it self-activated when he had just enough for it? I rather like the risk-reward concept with a droppable "power-source" that you can be driven away from. I find playing with risk-reward to be an enjoyable challenge, and the Totem looks fun.

The other champion that I really liked was Maggie(My preferred role is as a tank, so she fits good). Her Q reminds me of Mundo's Q, but instead of slowing the enemy, you speed yourself up. The W is nice because it lets you change up your fighting style depending on how your enemies are fighting. If they focus you, use E then W, so your team gets more time to take them down. If they focus your teammates, then use Q first, so your team can do more damage in the time they're taking some damage. E is like Taric's shield.. On him I think it was usually more effective to keep it up until near the end of a fight, especially if it wouldn't come off cooldown before it was over.. I haven't played him for a long while, so I don't know if that's been changed. Not much to say about the ult(a stun would have been too much probably, silence seems better, still giving a minor chance to get away).

Regarding Vi's similarity to Mach: It's probably the ultimate. A small anecdote:
As Vi against an Ezreal, I had gotten him to low health, and Ezreal had decided to run, him being lower hp than me. He was just at the edge of my ultimate's range when I cast it on him, then he blinked away, then he cast flash, and I had followed him almost a screen and a half away and slammed him on the ground right in front of two of his teammates running up to help him for a KO. I didn't even notice my hp drop the last two bars, I was laughing so hard.
TL;DR: Using Vi's ultimate with lots of luck, I killed Ezreal after a blink and Flash.
It's the crazy range with his ultimate that Mach has. That's the most similar thing between them that I could think of.