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Zed is probably the worst champion ever released.

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I agree so hard. Zed is riduclous. High risk SUPER HIGH REWARD.
He's just as fun in TT as he is in SR. And I've played him in every lane (Including support and as the "ADC" with a support bot lane). He can fill any role if the team will work with him (Which is what really makes him shine). I feel like Zeds going to be the next jayce once the pros start showing him off, and he'll get nerfed to death.

Oh I agree Gears,

I am so worry he's going to start being played by some people who are just beast with him and someone is going to educate the lesser players on how to properly play him and its going to be all over. He'll be nerfed into the ground. Right now He is strong as hell as a mid. He's an all around player hat off to Riot. They've never made a champ who has been able to fill EACH role as well as Zed. Some knuckle dragger didn't pick a Tank> Zed. Need a Jungler? > Zed. Missing a Top ? ZED. Need an ADC ? ZED!! Looking for a nice support > ZED!!!

He can do it all. I think people need to keep in mind Zed is an Assassin and thus you should play him as one. You'll know you're playing him right when your team is upset with you because your not in this current team fight and then BAM you jump out to the back and take out that caster the other team been relying on > W off follow up with a flash .

Who's your Ninja!
Regards, Zed