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Top lane wannabe needs help and tips.

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Well, what can I say, i was the mid on my team but another friend wanted it, so i changed to adc because i carried a lot of games with them. Then i got bored because i sucked early game, i was very passive and thats why I quit. Then i saw top lane and fell in love with it, though I have some problems, so thats why i made this thread. So, these are my questions.

1.-When should i get out of top to help my team?
2.-If their enemy top destroyed my tower and went to destroy mid, should i destroy his top tower or help my mid?
3.-When u are losing, u build gp5 and sometimes a Wriggle's. The question is, why is Wriggle's good for sustaining a lane ?
4.-When should i get an ap bruiser top to benefit my team's comp ?
5.-When my jungle ganks, who has the priority to grab the kill?
6.-If i'm winning the lane, should I aim for destroying his tower or grabbing the most kills possible?

That's it for now, i think I'll update this thread if i encounter more probles.

PS: I would like to recieve some tips anyways, if you could.

Sorry if my english is not that good, but I'm not a native english speaker.

Thank beforehand.

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Magus Crow

Senior Member


1) You'll typically stay top until the lane phase is over and everyone starts grouping up. There are some circumstances where you'll want to go make plays but usually this requires really good communication and often a teleport spell. The only other occassion that I can see you getting out of top before mid game is for early dragon attempts or if your team is playing lane switch shenanigans.

2) I'd say this really depends on who your mid is, how much help they can expect from jungle, how much HP your opposing laner has, how much HP the opposing tower has etc. If you've got a mid like Anivia that can turtle up under her tower or a jungler that doesnt have a problem dropping things and going to help mid I'd try and play the split push game. If you've got a more vulnerable mid or your jungle hasnt gotten off the ground / needs to grab a buff / whatever try to follow him to counter-gank. In all cases try to give a heads up to your mid lane that they've got incomming.

3) Wriggle's has alot of stats packed onto it for relatively little gold. The medium amount of armor and life steal are what makes it good for sustain while it also ups your AD a bit and even provides a free ward. The thing is pretty amazing when you think of it.

4) I dont play alot of AP top and mostly its Vlad, Swain or Kennen when I do. This typically boils down to me taking out a counterpick against someone who is weak against poke. PLaying with mana top means that you and your mid are going to both want blue so you may want to go with one of these options if you've got someone like Kat, Mord or the like in mid who doesnt really need the mana regen to do what they do.

5) Depends on who your jungler is IMO. Someone like Maokai can do what he does if all he's doing is grabbing assists. More gank centric junglers like a Nocturne need the gold. In any case, unless you are CERTAIN that the kill is in the bag I wouldnt exactly worry about who is getting the kill as much as actually getting said kill.

6) Depends on your team comp really. A team designed for early game dominance (Renekton, Lee Sin and the like) you probably want to push down the tower. On a team more centered around the late game (Jax, Irelia) you pretty much want to farm it up, push the opponent out of lane and go roaming if you can.