Do you think this will fix the language barrier for players?

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No 0 0%
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Language Option

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There was talk in the forums about having a separate server for North America. I really don't think this is needed but, there should be an option for people that don't speak English to be able to be teamed together which would just be an option in the match making queues.

This can be a major problem in games because, communication is very important in matches. If you can't effectively communicate with your team mates it makes it hard to win. Pings help but that only goes so far.

I have been in both matches were there was one person that couldn't understand the group and I have been the person that didn't understand the group. In most cases this ends up with a loss. I hope this post doesn't fall to def ears by Dev's as it would be pretty simple to implement into the game.

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Frost Unit

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It won't FIX the problem, but will probably help it.
I think it should be bannable to play in the games as people who all speak English, if you DO NOT speak it. I hate it when some random mexican is in my game and can't communicate with anyone. Yet, they keep typing random spanish.