League's Champions (a Critique)

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So I logged on to LoL's forums today only to find the forums lit up with various threads about female champions and their body types.

This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time but not the reasons you might think, as an art student, I have a hard time being stirred by the "social and moral outrage" of the standards of gender in regards to fictional characters, nor is it really my place to be.

My problem however is this:

A large majority of the female champs have the same body type and largely looks like they are designed from a template of specific proportions rendering most female champs as a "paper doll" just dressed in different clothing with different abilities. I understand there is only so much you can do given the Isometric nature of the game, I'm strictly addressing the champion portrait and splash artwork.

Over the past 2 years ive been playing, Riots Art team have greatly improved and I'm always excited to see what new cool artwork they're producing though Ive noticed a good number of female champs have their pants drawn down to their pubis and when you think about it they'd realistically either risk having it fall off or at the very least have a serious case of "plumbers crack" going down the back. Ive also notice a trend that the artists like to pull the torso back as far as they can from the hip boxes, while unrealistic it does add a sense of dynamism to a pose but at this point I feel like its starting to become a formula.

I cant speak for Riots art team, I don't know their practices and I'm not quite a professional artist just yet, however it feels like they aren't drawing from models. It seems that they're taking what has worked with their previous champs and replicating those aspects and repackaging it to fulfill the needs of a new one. this issue will likely only become more apparent as riot continues to release new champs on a 2 to 3 week basis.

I have to commend Riot, they've taken the "free to play" buisness model and not only proved it can be done but put themselves on the shoulders of video game giants. If they haven't employed some models and a wide variety of costumes like ANY professional Illustrator does I feel like it would easily address these problems and give their characters and their artwork more life as well as solve any anatomy problems that has occasionally popped up.

TLDR:If you skipped to this, this post wasn't for you, I'm addressing the flaws I'm seeing Riots champions (scale, proportion, variety) and adding my two cents on how they might address this issue and come out stronger.