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Suggestions for the Tribunal

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I've only started using the Tribunal in the last few days, but I like being able to help the community get rid of those toxic players who make games unenjoyable. I've noticed a few things which I think should be suggested/changed,

So far I have reviewed under 50 cases, and I have already come across multiple instances where somebody was reported after the game, for things they said in chat lobbies, such as insulting the other team after a game and being unhelpful towards people considering a new champ before the game begins. I think it would help if these logs were also made available for Tribunal review.

I also think that the Tribunal shouldn't just include two buttons for punish or pardon. I think there should be a limited space to write 20 words or so on why you reached that decision, if you wish to fill it in.

Thank you for your consideration.