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Shaco build.

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Hey guys been playing shaco for quite awhile no way before he was considered OP and continue to play him now that hes considered UP, but unfortunatly with the nerfs i think that my item build isnt the best that is can be, it used to be the common razor to starks to GA, but with aura nerfs its a little weak and he cant stay in a fight long enough to get enough dmg from razor. so id like some help making a new commonplace build that i'll use standardly

I dont think Attack speed is the way anymore more AD with crit possibly. i beilive that IF was fixed to work with your decieve now if so then its a very strong item for him now, baisically as any shaco should id be jungling, now i think that wriggles is a very important item to get on jungle shaco in solo que, because the free ward when no one ever buys wards is insanly game changing, so lets just throw that on the table as my first item. ok so this is where it get complicated. sheen might be good for the plus dmg on decieve but you dont rlly have any spammable skills to use with it i dont wanna have to give up the permaslow or throw a Jitb that i might need later to save me. but that doesnt mean it cant be much stronger later in the game so im not gonna throw it out the window yet. then their infinity edge a very strong item since AD stacking is supposedly the new way to play shaco, so this item will probably be in the lineup somewhere. another possible item is ghostblade, which i actually have some questions on since i currently cant play, if you activate it before you clone yourself does your dummy get the speed and attack speed as well? could be a beast BD tool if so, also does it stay with the dummy for the whole duration or just as long as you have it? shaco also needs some ability to survive and the defense from latern isnt nearly enough but if you couple it with something like a phage it might do the trick and this has me leaning towards a trinity force again since it also gives you some nice crit chance.

so latern to IF to trinity starting with phage to sheen. is what im currently thinking about, but it might be a mix up depending on how ghostblade works. so guys could you give me some tips? items i might have overlooked? better builds in general?