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Twisted Treeline

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I have sat back and read the forms and played the game, just to find out that I enjoy the old TT better than the new. With that said here is some reasoning why, my opioion.

I don't like the fact you can't defend your base like the old one, this makes it almost impossible for a come back. I 've had several wins by playing defensive and making a come back.

The flash over the wall into the base is kinda a good thing, but being able to go though walls though out the map is well played, if you can get away by doing that so what.

The altars seems to be a waist of time need to do something different with them or get rid of them all together.

The sider boss is just way to tough and not to get really **** for killing it, the dragon was way better.

Getting rid of items like madris blood razors why? They can be avoided or blocked by another team or player if they pay attention to what they are doing.

Seems to me the players that *****ed to riot to get a new map couldn't play the old one very good or do it stracticly. That was the fun of the old map was the strategy involed.

I like LOL probably won't quit but probably won't play as much either, the new map just doesn't do it for me like the old one.

Just bring the old map back and have both of them. Some may play only the old map, some may only play the new map, and some will play both maps. You will have plenty of people playing both that you could support both.