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Chronicles of Geokhan

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((Due to positive feedback, I have determined you all are gonna see more of me. It will all be through this thread for now on. I reserve the right to adjust my work if I see something out of place in terms of grammar or character. If I do affect the storyline, then I will put a patch note on changed post. THIS IS NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN!))

Since the Hunt for Arachia (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2747827), Geokhan (http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/2009)has fully bonded to his Arachia and is preparing to take on his official duties as ambassador of the Brackern and their summoner.

Live to Rise

Geokhan was running down a forested path alone. It was dark, but not as quiet and peaceful as such a night deserved to be. In the distance he heard cries of agony and battle. His blade was drawn and his shield was ready. He heard one scream above all others.

“Geokhan!! Hurry!” Skarner was in danger and Geokhan knew he had little time to spare.

Geokhan kept running. Appearing ahead of him on the trail was a Noxian shocktrooper squad. Shocktroopers are the troops who lead a fight, but this was the rear.

‘Why are they here?’ Geokhan thought. He shouted to the squad leader, “Move your men up! You’re needed on the frontlines!”

The squad drew arms and charged at Geokhan, howling inhuman cries of bloodlust. Geokhan gave one in return. These were corrupted. Indoctrinated. They would not hold him back. Geokhan charged his blade and shield with Arachia energy and the shield charm. As he swung the blade, he left trails of blue energy and maroon blood. The Leader actually grew a second pair of arms and tried to tackle Geokhan, but Geokhan rolled and just kept running. He had to get to Skarner. He couldn’t let his master fall.

Then he heard the death howl he had heard many times on the Fields. Skarner’s.

Geokhan bolted upright in his bed, breathing heavy. The third time in the week he had that vision. His Arachia had no clue what Geokhan was seeing. Was it a dream or a vision? Why would Geokhan have visions? He didn’t know anyone except Malzahar who were Prophets and his family tree definitely did not have a prophet. This was worrying, but Fate had been kind so far. Geokhan was sure that she would continue to be on his side.

Geokhan started his day with exercise. Since the ‘change’, Geokhan had less people come in and no special projects. This was normal as the shop had on and off business. Normally, Geokhan wouldn’t exercise at all, as he handmade his weapons and armor, but Geokhan felt the need to stay in shape. He had always wanted to be ready for anything, but now he realized the threat he was to some and he was ill prepared to face it as he was. Those he threatened had power, thus Geokhan needed to increase his.

He finished his exercise regimen and went to the Arachia. This was his cool down. Meditation wasn’t physically intensive and Geokhan needed the extra time to explore its depths. The Arachia itself was not allowing Geokhan to learn all he could. It wanted Geokhan to be stronger before it showed Geokhan some of the hidden abilities Geokhan could do. Like a sensei not showing the student how to do a complicated move until he mastered the basics that build that skill, the Arachia restricted Geokhan from some of the knowledge of its power. It wasn’t hiding the fact that knowledge was there, it just refused to let Geokhan in. Geokhan was impatient, but he wouldn’t push against the crystal. It had given him enough for now. It was the crystal that showed him how his newfound body might decay if left stagnant and revealed the need to exercise his new crystalline form.

Geokhan analyzed his current skills. The closer he examined them, the better he would understand what he could do with them. He had started to weave the shards of his shattered crystalline exoskeleton into fearsome arrays on his person and to strike only those he wished to strike when he shattered it. His Arachia blade would leave a mark that caused great pain if one tried to remove it. He permanently lengthened the hilt of his blade to allow a more aggressive style of fighting with the help of Arachia energy.

All this power would have made Geokhan proud and cocky a couple weeks ago, but now… it was a burden. A burden he knew needed carried, and one he carried happily, but a burden. He no longer felt the summer breeze or the warmth of the sun. He still felt pain and exhaustion, but that was for a purpose, to warn his body of harm. Food was no longer something to enjoy. All he had to do to survive was to eat a couple mouthfuls of dirt, which had the same flavor to him as all other food. Nothing.

Turning his thoughts away from the Arachia and his past, Geokhan created his crystal armor to begin some exercises. He first warped them into the crest of his shop, crossed blades over a shield. He then turned them into other weapons. They would never take the blows that Geokhan wanted them to take, but it was a helpful trick to have. He then formed his normal armor and proceeded to shoot out each crystal at targets on the walls and around the door. He had found that aligning his left arm to the target and using it as a shooting platform had the best results.

Greg walked in and nearly lost an ear to a flying shard.
“Oi! Don’t shoot at me!”

“Oi! Don’t move my target!”

“And your target happened to be at my height because?”


“Alister turds. Hey, you got a letter from someone who said they were above my pay-grade. The letter won’t let me touch it.”

“I have been waiting for that. One of Vessaria Kolminye’s goonies finally is getting the paperwork done. This should be interesting.”

Geokhan left his bedroom and went downstairs to his foyer. On the floor by the door was a purple envelope with the League sigil emblazoned upon it.

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Geokhan felt the energy surrounding the envelope. A lot of magic for an official letter telling him that he was officially accepted as an ambassador for the Brackern. Geokhan placed containment runes around the letter. Whatever was within the letter, he would contain, be it hazing or lethal. Geokhan then created a crystal minion in the appearance of Greg. It took all of Geokhan’s focus and it was very brittle, but it would do for setting off traps like this. It reached for the envelope and was blasted into a wall, shattering it into pieces.

“This is not meant for the likes of a minion such as you, Greg,” said an authoritative male voice.

“Well, that was interesting.” Geokhan muttered.

Geokhan knew he had to be the one who had to open the letter, but within the runes he would be in danger. A risk he would have to take if he was to understand this letter’s purpose. Geokhan breathed out slowly and stepped in. The letter sprang to life ripping itself to pieces and the pieces formed into the shape of a robed man, obviously meant to appear like the sender.

“Geokhan, I am Bernard, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Office. You request permission to change your city of loyalty from None to Brackern?”

“Yes. I figured my new state of being made that relatively clear.”

“What makes you think that you are an appropriate ambassador for Skarner and his dormant people?”

“You’re talking to a walking talking crystal-man. I am bound to an Arachia. If Skarner felt I wasn’t good for it, then would I be blue right now?”

“Your attitude thus far has not been very helpful in your argument. You are disorganized. You don’t know how to protect your belongings. You are rather insubordinate and your communication isn’t…politically correct.”

“You’re worried I’ll call Aria Breker a pompous *******?”

“…Something like that.”

“Well, they can go drink Trundle piss for all I care about being nice and polite. I will state what I think plainly and I will fight for the Brackern, awake and asleep. Now you can allow me to take the responsibility officially or I can go to your superiors and try them. I will be loud and insulting to them and they will then go to you and ask why I wasn’t dealt with now.”

“Are you-“

“Threatening you with angry bosses? Yes.”

Bernard was about to replay when he appeared to be shoved off and another image replaced his. This one was female.

“Geokhan, you display a bit more tenacity now than when we first met.”

“Vessaria Kolminye, you honor me with your attention. It has been a while.”

“I didn’t think you had it in you to be this loud. You are no longer the stunned youth I met when we accepted you into the League.”

“Let’s just say my eyes opened and I grew up.”

“I read the report. Impressive work.”

“I did what needed done. I will continue to do so, no matter how much flattery you send my way. Now, am I cleared to do what was asked of me?”

“You are cleared to officially take the responsibilities of ambassador of the Brackern.”

“Thank you.”

Vessaria Kolminye started to lose substance as the envelop pieces fell to the floor. “The High Council will be watching you closely, Geokhan. You are already ruffling some feathers.”

When all the pieces hit the floor, Geokhan grinned and muttered, “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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Santa Monica

Geokhan walked into the Institute the next day. He wore his armor under his robes and carried his blade on his hip. He wanted to appear strong and almost militant. He had proven his skill with the blade, and now he wanted to prove his determination to do what it took to serve his interests. He wasn’t hiding his new nature either. No point in hiding when you wanted to have a strong first impression. A couple guards almost didn’t let him in. It took showing Geokhan’s League pendant to let him in.

Geokhan felt going in the front door was a bit fitting. Let the world see and understand that all the living champions have summoners to fight for their cause. He definitely got a lot of attention, albeit distantly and quietly. Geokhan felt their eyes and their whispers. Normally avoiding attention, at first Geokhan was a little shocked to get so much, but he reminded himself of why he had chosen this route and why he had lowered his hood. He had to show strength.

He went to register for work in the main office. At the desk, was Roger. He had been an intern for about 5 years and wasn’t showing signs of advancing. The only reason he was still working was that no one else really wanted to work the front desk.

“Hey, Roger. How’s it going?”

“Nothing much. Still got my job after getting caught saying something about some Councilor’s mother.”

“Which one?”

“Vessaria Kolminye’s”

“Well done. Next time, I bump into you I wouldn’t be surprised if Zaun didn’t use you for experiments.”

“I need your amulet, sir.”


“Your amulet needs to reflect your station. You’re not a summoner for hire anymore. You’re an ambassador. You have a voice that goes straight to the Adjudicators and their leaders. You can demand matches to take place. Also, your room and board is now free within the Ambassador Wing. You need a new amulet to reflect your new rights.”

“Whoop die do, I don’t eat and I can go for days without sleep.” Geokhan still handed over his plain amulet. In return, he received a blue crystal amulet with a miniature Skarner carved into it and the phrase, ‘Power with knowledge.’ It hummed with energy, as it likely stored teleportation spells for the major city-states. With a nod Geokhan turned his back to the desk and was about to walk to the Ambassador Wing, when Roger called to him.

“Geokhan, the ambassador from Zaun would like a word with you in his office, as would the Piltoverian.”

“Interesting.” Geokhan muttered before he turned his head back to Roger. “Thank you, Roger.”

Geokhan was met by two summoners by the main entry into the Ambassador Wing. They lead Geokhan to his new office. It wasn’t large compared to the others nearby, but that didn’t matter to Geokhan. He actually had a secretary and an atrium to screen his guests. He was given leave to create a network of portals between his home, shop and office for easy transport. He had minions whose only goal in their existence was to press his robes. This was an upgrade from being in the janitor’s closet after the Lulu incident.

His secretary was a Piltoverian by the name of Jezzabeth. She was a cyan colored Yordle with a dark blue ponytail wearing a very loose purple robe that Geokhan thought may have been designed for a small human. Jezzabeth seemed rather excited to work with Geokhan, too excited. Her voice was five octaves higher than what Geokhan wanted to hear sober and she was giddy. Geokhan wished he could drink coffee or beer.

“Mister Geokhan, sir! What a pleasure! I heard about the Ironspike Incident!”

“I wasn’t trying to publicize that.”

“Humility suits you.”

“No. I just didn’t want the entire League to know. It wasn’t my finest hour.”

“You’re too modest!”

“You’re swiftly becoming insufferable. That’s saying something as I know Lulu and Fizz personally.”

“I’m being compared to CHAMPIONS!?”

“Here I thought Taric would be my problem. Nope. Too easy. Should’ve known.” Muttered Geokhan grumpily. Geokhan didn’t want this kind of attention. He didn’t deserve admiration. He wanted respect. Looking out the door to his office and seeing other ambassadors glance his way, he knew he wasn’t quite there yet. They were thinking him a minor nuisance that would be forgotten soon.

“Jezzabeth, did you get the memo from the ambassadors asking for my seeing them?”

“Yes, sir! Who are you going to see first?”

“Tell the Zaunite, that I am open if he wishes to come by, but I am too busy to go find his office.”


“I will not be considered second-rate. He will grant me the respect due to my station. If he wants to talk, he will come to me.”

((Btw: in case you all have yet to notice, I am trying to name chapters of this after songs. Hence, some of the clearly non-Valoran related titles. Also, feel free to leave comments....I like me.))

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another good job geo, clap clap

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The Zaunite was furious. This whelp, this nobody, had the audacity to demand that he, Vladik Gustof, go to this newly-crowned, ignorant, piss-ant’s office! Vladik even had to play nice with him. He had been asked to do this for his true love, science. Experiments in Kalamanda could advance knowledge about mineral magic by decades. He knew the Piltoverians also wanted to use Kalamanda for research into mineral based magics, but they would take years to learn what he felt Zaun could learn in months. The former mayor of Kalamanda had no opinion on what to do with the land and Zaun was about to move in when this new ambassador showed up for a dead race.

He showed up and it appeared that he was blocking progress. This…what was the *******’s name? Geokhan? Who the hell named their kid Geokhan? This dumb ******* with a stupid name blocked science. Vladik wouldn’t allow it. He figured the new-blood was thrust with the job. He hadn’t had time to read the report amongst the other files on Kalamanda and Piltover’s constant badgering about pollution. Wasn’t a major concern, this should be an easy deal. Give the man a sack of gold and a trip to Ionia to sample local cuisine made by the masters of some strange food kung-fu ****. Balance through food? That always brought a chuckle to his face, although the food was delicious.

At the miniscule office, he was greeted by an overly cheerful yordle girl who asked him to wait for Geokhan to call him in. ‘Important paperwork,’ she said. Bull****. First day at work and Geokhan had paperwork that rivaled his visitor? Smelled like someone too big for their own good. Regardless, barging in was not the play he wanted to make now. Let Geokhan be cocky, let him think this deal his idea.

After about five minutes of gushing yordle later, Geokhan called the annoying yordle and asked her to let Vladik in. Vladik wasted no time and got away from the blue furball.

‘This shmuck really should have read the file.’ Geokhan thought to himself when the Zaunite bolted to the safety of Geokhan’s office. The Zaunite had great difficulty in hiding his shock on seeing Geokhan’s condition.

“I was told that crystals are outrageous, but then again, I was listening to Taric.” Geokhan jokingly said to the stunned Zaunite.

The Zaunite quickly recovered and extended his hand in greeting. “Vladik Gustof of Zaun.”

“Geokhan of the Brackern.” Geokhan said as shook the hand of the Zaunite.

“Have you spoken to the Piltoverian yet?”

“No, but I assumed that you both wanted something similar.”

“I want exclusive experimentation rights of Kalamanda for Zaun.”

“Excuse me?” Geokhan nearly choked on his tongue.

“I want Zaun to be allowed to find and examine Kalamandian crystals. We could unlock new secrets of magic and-”


“But the progress in magical energy manipulation-“

“Would be great, but at what cost to the Brackern?”

“They are already dead.”

“Just because they have slept for longer than we can remember does not mean they are dead.”

“What makes you think they can awaken?”

“Skarner is awake! Are you blind? Is Zaun so full of chemicals that you cannot see a world without pollution? We reduce pollution and we can awaken a race powerful enough and wise enough we can advance our knowledge by centuries!”

“If they are not dead and awaken! Zaun can advance our knowledge now, you fool!”

“ I'M the fool! You refuse to see the pain of the world! I will open your eyes!”

Geokhan lunged at Vladik faster than the Zaunite could react and Geokhan grasped Vladik’s face with his hands.

Vladik himself was trying his best to cast counter-spells, some shield charm, something to push the lunatic away. However, when Geokhan made contact with his face, the world lit up in pain. He felt every ounce of pain that Geokhan felt when Geokhan first bounded with the Arachia. It was the pain of Runeterra, and it was agony in its purest form. Vladik couldn’t think straight. Geokhan kept a tight grip as Vladik did everything in his power to get free of Geokhan’s grip, like a feral cat held against his will.

Geokhan held his grip for several seconds before releasing Vladik. Breathing heavily as his own body recovered from the unearthing the feelings of pain that had been but a dull ache moments ago. Geokhan hadn’t wanted to do that. No one should feel the amount of pain that Vladik had just now or that Geokhan had those weeks ago. Geokhan looked at Vladik, and saw him storm out.

“That went well.” Geokhan muttered to himself as Jezzabeth poked her head in to see if Geokhan was okay.

“Did you insult the…”

“I did worse. I forced him to feel the pain of the world. I don’t think he took it well.”

“Are you okay, sir? You want a cup of tea?”

“I would love a cup of tea, but don’t bother. Tell the Piltoverian that I will see him tomorrow in my office. I’m taking the rest of the day off.”

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Dead Memories

Geokhan was running.

The howls of the indoctrinated echoed in his ears, but he had no time to fight them. His friends were in danger and needed his help. He had the Weapon and needed to bring it to bear against the Enemy.

He had to get to the battle.

He had to make it.

He had to end it.

He had to.

He heard the screams.

Geokhan lurched out his bed, reaching for a blade that wasn’t at his hip. If he still had sweat glands, he would be soaked. His left arm ached. Geokhan was out of breath. He felt like ****.

At the foot of his bed stood the greatest foil to the nightmarish vision, Greg in a light blue night robe and cap clutching a teddy bear. The look of worry plastered on his face was puppy-like.

“So…you’re a teddy bear kind of guy? And I am the guy doomed to be forever alone?”

Greg swiftly tucked the bear behind his back.

“Not cool, bro.” Greg muttered.

“Yet funny.” Geokhan said with a smirk.

“What’s wrong with the arm?”

Geokhan looked at his left arm. He had been unconsciously rubbing it. It was still hurting, but the pain was subsiding.

“Nothing, Greg. Now, you want to continue creeping or can you go back to your bed?”

Greg gave him a disbelieving look.
“Geo, you need to talk about those nightmares.”

“Now is not the time. If I see a shrink now, I’ll be seen as unstable.”

“You’re going unstable as is.”

“Who are you? My mother?” “

“You need to talk to SOMEONE! Talk to her. She’ll understand.”

“Talk to MY mother. You want to know what my mother is doing right now? She’s talking about her OTHER children. Her ‘successes’. My brother runs the ranch and my sister is a scientist in Piltover. Have you seen ONE letter from any of them? ONE LETTER? I’m still a damned failure after all I have done! She stopped giving a damn long ago. When I chose this life, they all turned their backs to me. They want nothing from me.”


“Greg, not another word about them.”


“Get out!”

Greg sighed and walked out. He had something he needed to do tomorrow while Geokhan was busy. He would need an early start.

Geokhan went back to sleep and his vision was not of Armageddon. It was of home.

Geokhan was playing in the field with his older brother, Timothy, and older sister, Mary. Timothy was bigger than Geokhan, and played up on his stereotype of being dumb, but Timothy was as smart as Geokhan. Mary had always been a bit of a nerd, seeking to understand how chemicals could improve the farms profits. Geokhan had developed magical talent at a relatively young age. It was a sibling's secret. Mostly, he did small things like fairy lights or small harmless bolts, but today he saw a chipmunk and the children wanted to catch it. As ranchers, they respected all creatures. Their herd was horses and thus they never grew detached so they intended the little rodent no harm. However, Geokhan and his siblings were too slow to catch the little critter, but Timothy suggested Geokhan try magic. Geokhan’s first summoner spell he used was Exhaust. He used it without training and without knowing what it was. The chipmunk was much easier to catch after Geokhan had used his magic, but using that spell had other consequences.

His father had caught him in the act. Liam knew what he saw. He had seen images of battle and war in the papers and knew this was summoner magic. He forbade Geokhan to ever cast spells again, telling him that it would hurt him. Geokhan was 10 when he promised never to touch it again.

His dreams fast-forwarded to when Geokhan turned 16. Timothy and Geokhan were still learning the ranching trade. As the eldest son, Timothy had be be ready to take over if something happened to their father. They were throwing a party to celebrate Geokhan's birthday, when local thugs crashed the party. They had always hated Geokhan’s family money and Geokhan had been too good for his own good in their opinion. They caused trouble with Mary, and Geokhan lashed out. He Ignited one and Exhausted the other while Timothy and Geokhan pummeled the third. Geokhan had not touched magic since he was ten, but Liam berated him for breaking his word. Geokhan didn’t understand. Why? He had done the right thing, but his father was still infuriated. Geokhan decided to research it privately, there had to be a reason for his father’s anger.

At 18, Geokhan managed to control a dog. Very poorly. The dog ran a wagon of oil into the city hall and a guard with a torch got knocked into the building as Geokhan urged the dog to run away. The dog kept running and caused yet another wagon to crash, this one with Ashram himself in it. No one was hurt, but many pushed that Geokhan be jailed for his crimes. Geokhan pleaded with them to see it was an accident and that he was sorry. Ashram had saved Geokhan from prison by saying he would do community service with the newly formed League of Legends. Liam tried to get Geokhan to back out, but Geokhan knew this was his calling. The ranch was never for him.

Geokhan’s last image before waking up, was his father turning his back to Geokhan, never to look back at his son.

Geokhan awoke in cold silence. Memories he wished he could forget were still swimming in his mind. His family was always a sore point. One, he wished he could get past. He did what he always did after that dream, he looked forward. Finishing the story in his mind distracted him…gave the memory time to become a memory instead of a vision.

((Changed older Brother's name to Tim. IDK why it just fits better.))

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((Well, here I am sitting on 1,000 views....I honestly didn't expect this. I think I am doing good (let me clarify that by saying I think I do about average.), but so far only on person likes and comments. Maybe its the norm. IDK. I am not a huge reader. My self esteem is ****ty as is. SO, to my reader(s??): Thanks. It means a lot. To everyone else: start reading the real stuff instead of my rants.))

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Welcome Home

Geokhan was taken straight to the League. That is where he first met Vessaria Kolminye. She stunned the young Geokhan with her grace and power. While Ashram summoned with a knack for breaking down teams with sheer force, Vessaria Kolminye would often flank or juke her way to victory. The first match Geokhan watched was his first day at the Institute, a kind of initiation. He was being told of why they did what they did by an old summoner. Not a single one of the young students heard him. They were watching the Council play a match with several of the best summoners in the League. Ashram had taken Malphite and was making a point to crush Ashe in as many brutal ways as possible. Ashe’s blood covered bottom lane only to be removed by summoning magic and be re-splattered about by Malphite’s next gank. Vessaria had taken LeBlanc and was abusing Karthus to no end. Letting him push her until her back was to a wall and she suddenly charged in and killed him swiftly and was gone away in a flash. After the tenth minute of play, she was killing on the minute every minute.

The game was finished predictably and the Council talked on how they did as the students were introduced to the masters. Geokhan thought Ashram would be the most powerful, but he was more impressed by Vessaria’s plays than with Ashram’s. The plays she made were adrenaline pumping. Yet, it was Ashram who got MVP.

“Councilers, please explain why Ashram was MVP? He scored the least kills and he played like a brute…” Geokhan asked.

“The contest isn’t about kills and deaths. Your first lesson is to understand that your goal as a summoner on the Fields is to destroy the Nexus. Everything else is secondary. I was trying to get attention and draw attacks my way so that Vessaria could actually kill someone besides Karthus and allow our allies to push through turrets,” said Ashram.

“It’s okay, Ashram. Not all of us can summon mages well,” Vessaria said with a smile.

Three weeks later, Ashram disappeared.

The League hardly seemed affected, except for the addition of Jax and Urf. Life went on. Geokhan grew more and more powerful and was allowed to summon champions. He thought he helped shape the world for the better, but Geokhan saw where his limits were. He knew that he wasn’t top tier material, but he could diversify. While many summoners knew they would be summoners, Geokhan wasn’t restricted in thought patterns. He branched out. He learned to smith, he picked up a blade and shield, he studied the races of the world to understand them, and he traveled the world. He found a new home in Piltover.

Then Kalamanda happened. Amid all the chaos, Geokhan saw something, things that added up too well. Before Geokhan figured there was something truly wrong, the house of cards fell and there behind it all was the League. His Brotherhood. His Family. They had caused the devastation of a village for a show of force. Geokhan started thinking, ‘There had to be a reason. They wouldn’t do that without a good reason.’

The Journal of Justice dashed that fantasy against the wall. Geokhan grew to distrust everything about his ‘brotherhood’. They probably knew about it. Lulu destroyed his credit shortly after stealing his office. What did his Brotherhood do? Nothing.

That’s when his life turned around. Skarner offered him purpose again. Amid all the hatred and distrust, Skarner saw potential and a sleeping drive to succeed. Goal in hand, Geokhan stormed towards his challenges, not falling back. There was purpose to his fighting again.

It was a new day. Literally. Geokhan had been introspecting for several hours. He had work to do. He had a race to protect.

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Greg went through the files Geokhan kept in the house’s basement after Geokhan left. He knew how his family was doing, so he had to have kept tabs.

There. A file named ‘Ranch’. Greg read through it. Border of Demacia? Geokhan wasn’t the Demacian type. The family listed also didn’t have anyone named Geokhan in its known associates. The file stated specifically that it was a family of five. Father, mother, two sons, and a daughter.

Wait…the name of one of the sons is Geoffery and he was taken away to be trained as a summoner…Who in their right mind names a kid Geokhan? This WAS it. Geoffery was Geokhan. He must have changed names to piss off the folks back home or something. Luck was also kind enough to make the village just a blimp’s flight away.

Greg stashed the file back into its cabinet and ran upstairs. At the door was a pile of letters. Greg hastily went to put them on the table when one caught his eye. It was sealed with a symbol of a rearing horse over his owner. Greg turned the letter over and saw it addressed to Geoffery from a man named Timothy. Greg went to open it and stopped. This could help his friend out so much…but would he take it? Would he ever respect Greg if Greg opened it now? …No, this was something Geokhan had to deal with himself. Greg put the letters on the table, making sure Timothy’ letter was on the bottom, and went to the basement to find a case of Geokhan’s homebrewed beer.

Geokhan was sitting in his office reading his own letter. It came from the High Council. They had denied his request to have the Crystal Scar decommissioned. They said that even though it saw little use, it was still key in settling disputes. ‘Doesn’t seem like it.’ Geokhan thought to himself. Political bull**** Geokhan didn’t want to deal with. He would fight them on it again later.

Jezzabeth buzzed his desk. The Piltoverian is here. Geokhan put the letter away and leaned back in his chair. The Piltoverians came in. One was a brown yordle wearing thick glasses and a lab coat. The other was a human female with jet black hair and blue robes. The yordle was a professor at the academy and the human was a full time ambassador with no summoning talent.

“Clip Stig, head of relations for the Yordle Academy of Science & Progress.” the yordle chirped with a dry tone. He wanted to speed this along. Like the Zaunite, he was scientist first politician second.

“And I am Victoria, Ambassador of Piltover.” the woman stated in a confident voice. Normally, those without summoning talent didn’t try to deal with summoners, but she had a drive that made her likeable to a lot of summoners and a great deal of patience which summoners also tended to favor. She was basically a summoner in all ways but magic.

“Geokhan of the Brackern. Let me guess why you’re here. You want exclusive experimentation rights to Kalamanda?”

Clip had a confused look on his face. “How…?”

“Vladik beat us here.” Victoria told her counterpart. “What did you tell him?”

“I told him I wanted nothing to threaten the Brackern or their Arachia.” Geokhan stated plainly.

“Followed by a ‘no way in hell’ I presume?”

Geokhan smirked a bit at the woman’s attitude. “Something like that.”

“What would you tell us?” Clip asked impatiently.

“The same exact thing.”

“Butbutbut- But think of what we can learn in Kalamanda!” Clip stammered.

“The Zaunite said the same thing. I might allow Piltover to examine Kalamanda once the Brackern have awakened, but until then I am focusing on their safety over any research.”

Clip continued to sputter about how he should be allowed access and that he wouldn’t pollute the area. Victoria just nodded her head and dragged Clip out after saying good day.

Jezzabeth poked her head in again.

“Are you done for today?”

“Not quite. Get me another one of those decommission forms.”

“Again, sir?”

“I’m stubborn.” Geokhan said with a shrug and then a grin.

Victoria and Clip were arguing in a nearby broom closet.

“You didn’t TRY to convince him!” Clip whispered harshly.

“Because he had already argued his case.”

“What of ours?”

“I already know mine, and his was better. I told you the meeting wouldn’t last long. You’re just a scientist. Leave the politics to an expert.”

“The Brackern are never going to wake up! I know it and you know it, but he is clinging to that impossible idea!”

“He won’t back down. He’s a zealot. I won’t waste time fighting his ideals.”

“You know Demacia and Noxus are hunting the outskirts of Kalamanda for Arachia, and we should be putting our own team on it.”

“Maybe…I think Skarner may be roaming the area though.”

“He hasn’t attacked anyone. Why would he let them hunt?”

“Maybe they’re looking in the wrong places. Maybe they have no clue what they are doing and Skarner is simply waiting for them to get lucky and find one by chance. Doesn’t matter. They underestimate Geokhan’s drive. Geokhan finds out and he will take it to the League and then go to Kalamanda himself and start a two front war.”

“Now the real question, do we tell Mister Geokhan?”

“…Let’s quietly tell Demacia that Geokhan is sniffing about and they should pull their teams out. Avoid a political assault by the League. If Noxus gets caught, then we can offer Geokhan support. Get on his good side. Maybe then we can get our foot in the doorway. Demacia avoids political fallout and Piltover can gain an ally.”

Clip nodded his head. A good plan. They both left the broom closet and carried on with their business, quietly telling Demacians that Kalamanda was being searched for trespassers and to get their teams out.

Geokhan came back to his home and found Greg passed out on the floor in the foyer clutching a beer bottle. With a sigh, Geokhan pushed him under the front room table and looked through the mail.

Normal bills, letter from Zaun telling him to eat **** and die, an order for a weapon…looks like a fun project to Geokhan, and …Timothy… Geokhan was shocked. What was this? Who was playing games with him? Geokhan flipped the letter over…that was the seal…It WAS Timothy. His brother. Why? Geokhan ripped the letter open and read it carefully.

Dear Geoffery,

Or should I be calling you Geokhan now?

I know it has been a while since we talked. You leaving…that was a tough time for all of us. I hope you’re doing well. The ranch is doing fine. Demacia needs horses after Kalamanda. Expanded a couple acres.

You know I’m writing for a reason. Father didn’t want me to write you at all, but I need too. I need you. I have a family of my own. My son, Robert, has a bit of you in him, that free thinker trying to understand what interests him and bollocks to everything else. We have heard so little about how you’re doing. Some matches come up on the blitz and I heard something about a weapons shop. So something from the ranch did get through that skull of yours.

Please come by and visit. My son should know his uncle.

May your horse never tire and your path stay smooth,


Geokhan lowered the letter. He had a nephew. He was being welcomed back home. Why now? Why now after so many years? This…No, he couldn’t. He had a job. What would Skarner say to him forsaking his duty for family?...Geokhan saw the giant bug scowling at him in his mind, twitching his tail angrily telling him at least he had one and he better cherish it while he did.

“Greg, close the shop…oh wait, you’re drunk. I’ll leave you a note…and lock the cellar.”

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Geokhan sent a letter saying he had a family emergency and that he would be gone for a week. He got a quick reply stating that all Kalamanda business could wait that long. Well, that was a bit rude, but Geokhan needed the break. His bags were packed and then he saw Greg at the door waiting.

“You’re not going.” Geokhan told Greg.

“Didn’t want to. I was somewhat hoping you would give me the keys to the cellar.”

“You drank half of the cellar. Not happening.”

“Not like you drink any of it.”

“I’m saving those as gifts. You might want to let ‘em sit for a while anyway. I just bottled those ones up last week.”

“Ah well, I guess I’ll see you later, then.”

“Greg…thanks for not opening that letter. I needed to read it myself to believe it.”

“No problem. Hope it goes well.”

“It might not, the lack eating might freak them out.”

“Yeah ‘cause they won’t note the change in skin tone.”

“It HAS been long enough.”

Geokhan hit the road and caught a blimp to Demacia. From there he followed the trails to Clearwater. At the town stables, there were a few horses to rent. Something Geokhan’s father had thought up to encourage clients to buy his horses. A test ride to the ranch and the clients understood how the horses were as a whole. The townsfolk were all a little freaked out by Geokhan, as summoners aren’t common. They never saw his…nature as his hood was up and his gloves were on.

As Geokhan was about to take the north road out to the ranch, three vaguely familiar figures blocked the road. One was a sheriff and the others were deputies, all were fat and overly confident and on foot.

“Oi, what’re you?”

“Someone you wouldn’t recognize, Brad. Isn’t it too cliché for the town lowlife to somehow end up as sheriff?”

“What did you just call me?”

“A thug that I wouldn’t want to waste my time dealing with.”


“I really don’t have time for this. YA!”

Geokhan’s horse reared and galloped toward the sad excuse for lawmen, making them dive away.

Geokhan let out a yell and shouted, “It’s good to be home!”

At the ranch, Geokhan was greeted by a posse. Word moved fast in a small town. Geokhan dismounted and tied his horse to the fence at the gate. Geokhan still had his hood up and his back to the crowd when they gathered towards him. A quick glance over his shoulder revealed a tall muscular man marching in front of the crowd of fifteen ranch hands. Messy brown hair that tried to stay straight, dark brown eyes that understood everything...That was Timothy.

“Well, you got bigger. What are you feeding yourself? Mundo steroids?” Geokhan said jokingly over his shoulder.

“Geoffery?? Is that you, you little jackass? Let’s get a good look at you.”

“Just a warning, a lot has changed.”

“You can’t look any worse than you did when you found Thunder didn’t like you and got kicked into a cesspool.”

“Challenge accepted,” Geokhan muttered as he turned around and slowly lowered his hood.

“I…What the hell did they do to you there?”

“Well, you see, I told Taric that he and Singed were made for each other. The relationship didn’t last long and they both were rather unhappy with the performance.”

Timothy burst out laughing…but stopped and looked at Geokhan with a frightened look.

“I was joking, Tim.”

Timothy shook his head. In disbelieve or relief, Geokhan didn’t know.

“You have quite the tale, I’m sure, but we have to reintroduce you to everyone.” Timothy yelled to the house that Geoffery was here and it was safe to come out. There were many familiar faces that hesitantly shook Geokhan’s hand and some new ones that refused to touch him. Magic was rare here and people feared it.

At last, came family… it went as Geokhan thought it would. His mother looked at him and ran away in fear. His father just glared at him and went after her. Geokhan was crestfallen, but not shocked. He knew this was going to be rough…if he could even reconnect. Lastly, there came a small boy about 10 years old with long messy dirty blonde hair and a dirty face. He looked frightened and curious.

Geokhan knelt down to look the boy in the eye. Yes, this was definitely Timothy’s kid.

“This is your Uncle Geof…Geokhan. Say hello, Jim.”

“Hello.” Jim said in a nervous voice.

“Hello there, Jim. I know I look weird. I am not too weird though. I know a guy who is constantly on fire. Not a happy fellow.”

“That’s Brand. You don’t know him.”

“I have…summoned him a couple times. You get to know someone when you do that.”

“Why are you blue?”

“I…I was asked to find something. It did this to me, to protect me and to strengthen me.”

“What is it like?”

“Well, hygiene isn’t an issue anymore and people sure notice me, but… it’s a lonely life.”

“Can I touch your face?”

“Go ahead. I am sure the discharge won’t kill you for long.”

Timothy and Jim both jumped back at that and Geokhan burst out laughing.

“That wasn’t funny, Geoffery!” Timothy shouted.

“You’re right…it was priceless.” Geokhan replied while he tried to catch his breath. Timothy smiled at that while shaking his head. Parts of the old Geoffery where buried under that crystal shell.

“Jim, I promise it won’t hurt.” Geokhan told the frightened boy who had taken shelter behind his father’s leg.

Jim looked at his dad for assurance and Timothy reached to Geokhan himself and touched Geokhan’s head. Another thing Geokhan missed…contact. The warmth of contact was lost on him. So many years…and he couldn’t feel his kin. Jim looked at him very seriously.

“What’s wrong?”

“You were right, Tim. He is full of questions. If he sets the barn on fire I think he has a future with the…his uncle.” Tim raised an eyebrow skeptically, but Geokhan had turned to his nephew. “Go ahead.”

Jim slowly reached out and grabbed at Geokhan’s nose. It was a bounding moment. One Geokhan would cherish.

Later in the evening, Geokhan was sitting on the porch with Tim and they talked about what had happened during their time apart. Liam had been retired for about a year and Tim had doubled the farm’s profits because of Kalamanda. Tim’s wife died in childbirth and Tim had taken to the ranch with zeal to cover up the pain and to provide for Jim. He was worried he hadn’t done right by Jim, but Geokhan smacked him on the back of the head.

“Bro, he is an alright kid. Dad worked just as hard as you and we turned out fine…well, you did fine. He still thinks I am a waste of time, effort, and energy.”

Geokhan shared most of what had happened, but when he got to his latest adventure in the mountains… he couldn’t continue. He just leaned forward and looked at the floor.

“Geoff, what is it?”

“Geoff is gone. Maybe he died on the road out of Piltover. Maybe he died when his father shunned him for what he was. I am not the brother you grew up with. I see the men I killed to get here and I am not sure it was worth it.”

Tim leaned back in his seat, digesting the information.
“Good. If you hadn’t cared, you wouldn’t be my brother. That is the one thing I think father feared the most, was you would forget about others and focus on yourself.”

“Am I thinking of others? I went out on that road from Piltover seeking adventure, fame, and power. Yeah, it was also the right thing to do, but I was more intrigued by the Arachia. There are times I think that I am not worth the lives I have ruined. A trail of bodies leads to where I am now. Was it worth it?”

“It is, or you would have turned back long ago. You always did come to the right choice and then think through five other choices and still pick your first.”

“What if I’m wrong?”

“Probably nothing. If you’re right, maybe everything.”

“Glad you can say that. I may never have a family and be forced to watch all who are close to me die before I find the path that leads me back to a mortal shell. THIS” Geokhan waves at himself. “I didn’t want. I can see the world ending.”


“It’s a vision I get in my sleep. I see a land consumed by war and a battle to end it all…and I carry the key. The key to set the world free of it…but I think I’m too late.”

“Is this…common with Arachia?”

“No and that frightens me. Is it real or delusion or placed by those who wish me to see it and do something?”

Tim just sat there and watched the horses get herded into the stables for the night. He was about to say something when a horse carrying a large load struggled up the road to the ranch.

“Well, what do you know? It’s good ol’ Sheriff Brad. He must want to meet you and catch up.” Tim said with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Brad made it to the house (barely) and proceeded up the step to the porch when he saw Geokhan and tried to draw his blade with a look of fear and shock on his face. Geokhan just launched a quickly grown shard into his belt pouch.

“Nice to see you again too, Brad. I trust the rolling around in the street didn’t hurt too badly.”

“Rolling around in the street? You tried to run him over with a horse?” Tim asked.

“How’d you know?”

“Let’s call it a new family tradition. If Brad tries to bully me, I charge my horse at him.”

Brad wasn’t amused. “Who…WHAT is that thing?”

“Brad, you mean you don’t recognize my brother? He hasn’t changed that much…I think he let the hair grow a bit…the robes are also quite nice with the crystalline hide.”

Brad still gripped his blade but he knew Geokhan had him if he drew it. “Something attacked McCarter’s ranch. It was brutal, a bloody mess. Just after that thing came into town? I think it’s….that.” Brad nodded at Geokhan.

“Really? Brad, you’re dumber than your horse. He’s been here all day.”

“Bandits then.” Geokhan said and drew his blade. “Tim, get a militia together. Brad, go get the townsfolk ready and set up in the town.” Geokhan went to his horse and mounted it.

“Where are you going??” Brad asked.

“Scouting. We need numbers and intent.” Geokhan rode off into the shadows.

Guardians of Asgaard

Geokhan rode to the McCarter’s ranch. He was no woodsman, but he thought he could find an odd trail. It was looking hopeless. Geokhan had NO idea what he was doing. There was simply so much blood. A month ago he would have been stunned in horror, but times had changed and his family was threatened. It didn’t help him out find those responsible. Then, he heard a horse riding up the rail. He drew his blade and hide away near his horse.

Whoever was walking up the trail didn’t startle the horse and Geokhan relaxed. Few could hide ill will from an animal and horses knew their masters. Timothy walked up the trail with a blade in hand. Geokhan analyzed the blade quickly and mentally. Long sword about four feet long and double edged. Iron, not steel. Old, but decently kept. Someone had sharpened it like an axe, which was a little too dull.

“Why are you here? You should be gathering a militia and going to the village.” Geokhan called out.

“I thought for a moment and figured you had learned some bushwork in your weapons shop and was about to do that, when Father told me to go help you. He can get a militia, so I figured why not? He was right. You have no idea what you’re doing. You almost covered up the tracks in your pacing.”

“Says the nitwit with a dull blade.”

Timothy looked at his blade reflexively and with a scowl at Geokhan grabbed his whetstone and tossed the blade Geokhan’s way.

“Let’s stick to what we know then. You sharpen and I’ll find the trail.”

Geokhan grabbed the sword and sharpened the blade with the whetstone. A good edge on a blade is sharp enough to cut skin and yet dull enough to hack through armor. Some tried to over-sharpen the blade and cause it to lose its edge after only a few hits, sometimes breaking the blade’s edge and making sharpening difficult. Sharpening the blade was a small art. Nice and smoothly, like brushing a horse. Like a horse, a blade had feelings and wanted to be cared for. You didn’t want to brush a horse unevenly and you also didn’t want to do thus with a blade. Treat a blade right and it never falter in your hand, but harm it and it will break on you.

“Geoff! I got the trail! It looks odd.” Timothy was crouched over an old trail that lead to game trails.

Geokhan ran over with his brother’s blade and handed it to him

“What is it?”

“There are a lot of large barefooted brutes.”

“…this could be…How did they find this out? I didn’t tell anyone about home.”

“What? Who did you bring to my home, Geoff?”

“Zaunites…I told you I was fighting their actions and they aren’t happy.”

“And you ran here? You came back to hide?”

“NO! Tim, I wanted to face them, just not this way or here. I was going back in a week. I didn’t expect that they would actually send a hit team to silence me.”

“Then you leave and they leave us alone.”

“I can’t… I leave and they’ll slaughter everyone to make sure I am not hiding. I need to kill them or make them follow. I think they were just trailing me and lost me when I charged out of town. They don’t know where I was all day, so they’ll burn all the ranches until they find me.”

“You and I are going to have a long talk when this is over.”

“For now, let’s confirm who we’re dealing with and silence them. They can’t be allowed to say where they found me.”

“Wait, you’re an ambassador. Can’t you get League help or declare some action against Zaun?”

“I’m the little fish in the big pond full of sharks. I’m not that big to directly fight Zaun. I can tell everyone to bugger out of Kalamanda, but I can’t call Zaun out on a couple of extremists or a bandit clan, even if they were encouraged by Zaun without some serious proof. Let’s face it, this looks like a bandit raid. Those prints will be gone soon and if they are lucky, no one would be the wiser.”

“Dammit, what are we fighting then?”

“Based on what you said, it sounds like Mundo’s …but I doubt they have his experience or skill. They’ll take a beating though.”

“Good, the McCarter’s were good folk. I would hate for their murders to die too quickly.”

“They’ll enjoy the beating, so I’ll be killing them quickly. Remember what we are out here to do. Find out their goals and warn the others. If we can, we impede their progress.”

“Let’s go, then. They’ll want to use the night just as much as we do.”

((1,700... Well, I think I'm doing something right. I am glad to have entertained some of ya and I hope you enjoy this tale...cause I'm still gonna keep writing it. I will think about throwing some champions in the mix, but I kinda want to keep the focus on Geo. It's his story and it may not mean much to Valoran at the end of the day, but Geokhan's story is one I wanted to write. OC OP!!! I also thought the love stories are little too...abundant. So blood, fear, and battle for me.))