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Question about runes

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Ok, this is not a guide post.

I am the one that need some advice here.

I was wondering how people build their runes.

Do you focus on one stats and fill the entire page with runes that boost one stats?


Do you use the 3 type of runes to its maximum, and focus on 3 stats?

For example,

If you want cooldown reduction for your champion, do you fill the enitre red, yellow, blue runes with cooldown reduction?

or do you only fill the blue runes with cooldown and get crit damage on red, dodge on yellow, etc?

I hope my poor grammar doesn't confuse anybody.

thanks in advance.

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Ye, thats a good question.

For instance I need a full "Force" runes set for eve, but it feels like I just wasting my IP on marks and seals. Seals gives almost twice as less AP\lvl than glyph, and marks is even worse than that. But still they cost the same amount of IP.

I've spent 10k IP on full set tier3 runes on my 20lvl -_-

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If I was playing a specific champion/build/role nearly all the time, I might make a dedicated runebook page for them. Tryndamere with all rune slots crit or crit damage is a common example. Something that tightly set in stone before the match would only really shine in a premade though. In my opinion.

So I'm building one runebook page for physical dps and another for AP. Both get defensive runes too in order to use all slots to their full effect in a versatile way. The red rune options for AP heroes are a little bad but apparently magic penetration might become optimized for red in the future. (Haven't seen the official quote on that.)

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so just some baseline observations from runes and their overall worth and value:

1) Red Runes typically do more with Physicial DPS builds
2) Gold Runes typically do more with Defensive/ HP Regen builds
3) Blue Runes typically do more with Magical/AP mana regen builds
4) Quints are all-round good

Creating a template rune page for a number of characters:
The first thing I did was picked a Character I thought I would play the most. I thought about my standard item build on him, and focused on a disadvantage he has inheritantly in the early game.

This Character for me is Alistar. His disadvantages are mana/mana regen, physical damage and attack speed. I focused on mana regen, as those that play Alistar know, its tough to ever build him into a solid damage dealer, and being able to spam heal, and pulverise+headbutt is very nice. My item build generally focus's on CD reduction, which I did not intend on changing, so I will grow into the spamable skills over the course of the game.

So after establishing this, I learn that the Mana Regen/per Level, are a lot better over time, that synergizes with my game strategy. I lose the benefit with the gold and red runes by also taking mana regen, because I should focus on defense/offense with them respectively, but the overall benefit is I will have a full page dedicated to 1 thing, Mana regen/per level over time.

I can use this rune page for any mana reliant champion to a great effect.

There is a benefit however, to taking the runes for effectiveness - mixing up runes based on the stat increase it gives, not just what the current character you are playing will benefit most from.

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During Beta, I would change the runes to best fit the hero I was playing that match. Right now though, I had basically enough IP to fill one rune page with tier 3s, so I grabbed runes that were more utility based, that while not optimized for all champions, would benefit most. To that end I grabbed static + health quints, -cd for Glyphs (blue), +static HP for Seals (yellow), and armor reduction for Marks (red). For my second rune page I reused the same quints, Glyphs, and Seals, and bought +AP tier 1 runes to sub in for the armor reduction Marks. This gives you a utlity page for physical champions, and a utlity page for Ability Power based champions. Like I said, these are not optimal for each of the champions, but they do provide good utlity for 90% of the champions.