Hi Guys!!!

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Goliath Allou

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Hi, im Goliath Allou, im form Dominican Republic, i almost get to level 30 last night, but i've benn playing LOL for a few month almost a year...yeah yeah i know i reach level 30 too late is because i have to work, but never stop LOL...well, now that im level 30 i start my journey as a real Summoner in LOL, accepting the Summoner's Code Agreement and other things...now i want to prepare for Ranked it will take time as i read that have to prepare first get a new Runes Page and other things...well an old Summoner you all will see in the forum from now on comment and first of all asking question hehehe please be patience with me

my favorites champions are : Tristana, Caitlyn, Amumu and Morgana

i'm trying to buy all champions after i prepare my new runes page for ranked battles, thats all hehe...sorry for my english my native language is Spanish

Let's the Battle Begins!