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@Riot-Honor System Refinement Suggestions.

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Sorry I originally posted these in the wrong forum, and I am reposting here just to stack odds in my favor that employees will atleast skim the two links concepts. While I am positive you guys are working on a number of the things I mention I believe in the least my breakdown of the current flaws that prevent full effectiveness within the Honor system are pretty accurate and potentially useful.

I made these two threads because for me as a long time player, dealing with the game to game odds of negative experience due to attitude have always been quite high. While I have it coming for often playing normal matches solo or together with less experienced friends, I believe you would agree that these are scenarios for using your product that cannot be faulted. Of course you want us playing with our friends in this game, and you want people to be able to try and enjoy this game on a casual and similarely frequent basis.

I really appreciate the investment in trying to counter the ease of mouthing off in game and am excited for the future. Hence here you go in the hopes that any of this is useful. I believe the concepts are sound.

^ focuses on why the categories are not ideally implimented. Highlights why Red and Green badges must currently be most prominent. Has suggestions in refinement.

^ While I believe you are moving down a path along this line already for the reasons I mention I am just trying to be sure that its at least been on the table.

Thanks guys for rocking my favorite game, and despite some tasteless posts in the past that I regret and have attempted to remove I've realized it is easier for me to enjoy League by not succumbing to the often incessant toxic ignorance in game and instead leading by example in sportsmanship and promoting decency among competitors. The best part is it works now and then. Your addition of the Honor System as a commitment to community "health" is making a difference that I massively appreciate and hence I just wanted to share my assessment of what I perceive the current inefficiencies to be.