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Fix the matchmaking system.

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Dane Belthound

Senior Member


Season 2:

My record 5 wins above .500
My friends record: 12 wins above .500

My Elo: 1040
My Friends Elo: 2080


My record: 7:3
My friends record: 7:3
My Elo: 1251
My friends Elo: 1339

Keep in mind I won my first 5 games in a row.

I just finished a game 2 days ago that I won. I got 14 elo.
I lost a game. I lost 42 Elo.
I win a game. I get 38 elo.

I should NEVER be in a game where I am getting 14 ELO when the average game is yielding 38-45 at that point. Just like last season when I was in the normal ELO gains.loss range where you were supposed to get between 10-14 elo per win or loss. I probably played 20 or so games where I won and got 6 elo. THAT SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.

There needs to be consistency. I would rather wait an extra 4-5 minutes for a game than be put in a game that will either yield me **** for elo or hammer me on a loss. Because I am sorry, even if I am in a game with people at lower ELO than me, it doesn't mean their team is less skilled (plenty of smurfs, and people who were just unlucky), doesn't mean I won't have an afk, a dc, or a troll. Doesn't mean my team will have the chemistry necessary to win.

I am tired of winning games, getting **** for elo, then losing twice as much ELO in one loss. Stick me in the waiting phase for a longer period of time and get me fair matchups.