Cosplay Theorycrafting week 6: RUMBLE!

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Hey everyone! This is Britthebadger here with a new theorycrafting post on Rumble!

So, for those of you who don't know, I've been doing weekly posts for cosplay theorycrafting, where I discuss possible ways, methods, and materials to tackle the creation of a character. Last week, I talked about Xerath!

This week, I'm back with a new post on how I would start thinking about constructing Rumble! Rumble is particularly difficult, so I addressed the big issues in the post. I think if someone did make a Rumble, it would be super awesome! I have yet to see or find a Rumble cosplay!

Anyway, if you have any ideas or other methods you would think of using, feel free to share! I love hearing how other people would tackle the same problem!

Additionally, if you have any characters you would like to see in future posts, let me know! ^_^

Thank you all for your wonderful support!