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All New Items

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Alright so the new items are incorporated but I want to ask for 1 small thing.

Please put a list on the forums somewhere explaining ALL the new items in it because I clicked through every filter one after another to check for any of the new ones and tried reading their abilities quickly before going into the fray.

I mean there are also some changes to current items but again not enough time unless i just sit at the fountain and dont do anything. this will just make it easier to see whats new and what new build paths people can come up with before entering a PBE game to test it out

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You know what would be nice...
We can browse champs and their abilities outside of a match..
We can browse masteries/runes outside of a match...
But we can't browse the items? Seriously, give this to us please.
Especially after a major patch like this..it would be nice to sit in the game, but not have to join a match.
Normally this can be accomplished through the many smartphone apps/solomid/etc. But..they only update that when its on Live. That will be some time now before that happens.
So yeh...give us an in game, out of match, item browser please.

Hell..incorporate an ingame 'builder', cause that would be awesome.