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AP annie items?

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i main annie and have over 150 wins , and a 70% ranked game win % with her. this is my build

magic pen reds
mp/5 yellow
cdr/level blues
flat HP quints

ruby crystal
catalyst / boots
rod of ages
upgrade to sorc boots

that is my standard build for pretty much any game, at this point it can vary depending on if you are the only person on your team taking golem. if you are not getting it often you may find you have mana problems after some extended ganking so i like to go Archangel Staff. (note i have a usual method that when i am soloing mid i 80% of the time am getting a kill at 6 or they are Bing to heal. at this point i already dropped tibbers and i will immediately walk to golem and do it at level 6 and as long as you have tibers you can solo it very easy)

if you are regularly getting golem you can go zonyas

at this point you should be wrecking everyone and they are building MR so you get a void staff. if not i like a rylais to beef up your survivabiltiy and really make you unable to be focused down

finish with GA for super tank annie with over 5-600 AP and of course throw in elixirs

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Slinger O Guns

Senior Member


AP Annie is pretty bad gotta build her AD/AS. You'll be throwing fireballs so fast that it'll be like Dragonball Z up in here!

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you don't really get mass ap on annie.

rod of ages, rylai's, maybe archangels or soulstealer if you're raping, and the rest of it is spent on either cd reduction, penetration or survivability. oh and zyona's too yea

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Rod of Ages, Sorc Boots if you don't need Mercs, Mejai's, Zhonya's, Void Staff.