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I am toxic, let me explain.

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Maester Kinoc

Junior Member


No, I have not been banned on this account but I feel that I will sometime in the future. This is not a complaint, it is just the truth about the community.

My favorite role to play is Support. Shen, Sona, Soraka, and Karma are my main supports and I feel they need a lot of teamwork to be effective late game. I have a rule about supporting: Take 1 CS every 50 seconds as substitute for Philosopher's Stone. The ADC usually gets mad at me and if he/she fails at playing they instantly become negative.

I am only rude when other people purposely ruin the game by trolling and being negative. I can't just mute people, because they still refuse to play as a team and they try to influence some other team members to be negative. I try to calm a person who is toxic, but I lose my patience.

Jungler and Support are two roles that are majorly blamed for a poor game. I feel that people who blame these roles to ruin the game are very wrong; here's why:

Supports are champions who heal, provide cc, grant utility, or tank with item buffs. They provide some stuns, low damage, and healing. Carries, top, and AP are mainly focused on damage, sustain, tank, or mobility. I think the backbone of a team is how much damage they output with sustain.. This can be achieved with simply items.

Supports typically don't have an amazing kill score, and people tend to flame supports for not having kills. I've experienced the exact opposite too.
In order for supports to be most effective in team fights, they should set up the orders / wards / pings. As support Shen, I have experienced someone refusing to defend a tower on top because it was 2v1 for him. I told him I would use my ultimate on him and help him grab two easy kills, instead he stayed behind the turret, not defending nor running, but pacing. They destroy the turret and he turns around to fight, when he dies I am yelled at by the entire team.

I don't quite understand why people play this game if they don't strategically play. The expect this:
Supports heal.
ADCs kill.

Also being friendly to players has got me reported. I played a game with a Teemo who was in a Summoner Showcase and they were very rude when I told them that building boots and potions first is better than building a mana crystal with Teemo first. They raged at me and said they were on Summoner Showcase # blah blah repeatedly. I told him I don't care and I was reported by my whole team because someone with 1500 ELO was offended for have been given advice.

I am blamed nearly every game, but I do very well supporting. Mainly my teams do not listen, are hypocrites, and blame the support / jungler for their mistakes. Ignoring a player is not the way a game should be played, and the toxic player should not troll. I am toxic towards people who first decide to flame and get a reaction out, but it defeats the purpose of the role Support if you cannot communicate.. It is very frustrating.
Why Junglers are blamed (humorous, but it is very true):

I hope that future League players will be less toxic and more open to team communication. This way the game can be played like a real RTS, and I will be more supportive and friendly to the team, like a player should be.

I wish Riot could do something about Supports and Junglers being less-blamed. They aren't even the back bone of the team and they are getting yelled at for mistakes which others made.

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Senior Member


There is something you can do. You can report these toxic players. I'm not sure why you say you wish Riot could do something, as if there's no mechanism currently in place.

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Junior Member


If you're this passive-aggressive in game, yes, yes you are.

If you're actually the player you described (somewhere in between all the whiny bits), you're probably fine.