Can CS handle the "Spamming" Honor begging cases for now please?

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I've been getting a lot of reports that contain the "Spamming" flag and it's clear the cause is people begging for honor. Until we have chat logs for champion select and post-game chat I would prefer if Riot CS would handle these cases instead of the Tribunal as it's very hard to tell if they're actually trading or what.

I know the spamming flag was called out as a temporary thing, but until we get the additional logs and a real "Dishonorable Honor" flag, it would be nice if Riot could tank these for us.

Thanks! In the meantime, I've been skipping cases with a lot of these regularly.

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I want a special category for them.

Begging for honor is nowhere near as toxic as most of the behavior that destroys player experience. Players who do it should just have their honor reset to zero, there shouldn't be any real other actions unless they like get their honor reset 10 times or something.