Abuse of The Report System!

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I have played quite a few games before playing League of Legends. I used to play another game similar to this and was a player mod specifically chosen by the company themselves by my good reports. I've noticed through playing this game that the report system is sometimes abused by players who feel as if their mistakes are created by another. Therefore they blame the other player and ask everyone to report this player, even though the player that's being reported may have no been breaking any rules or moral conduct.

In many of the other games that I've played, I felt that the option in their report system "Abuse of Report System" or "False Reported" was a great option. Not only did it help players stop the abuse of the report system, but it helped the owners of the game to sort through the "mail" faster..seeing as they can handle the people who "False Report" properly and sift them out the game or however they wish to punish a player for "False Reporting".

I just noticed LoL didn't have that option and maybe it would be nice if they did, seeing as many people abuse the Report system and announce it in-game a lot. Tell me your views on this and if you think it'd be a great idea or a horrible one. Thank you

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If they announce it in-game, you can give them a Verbal Harassment report and Tribunal will handle it as usual.

Otherwise, don't worry about it. The system has safeguards that make the report button into a placebo for people who abuse it. And the really flagrant report-abusers occasionally get banned en masse. So it's handled quite well, just fairly quietly.