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Pardon me..

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So, i want to be pardoned, i played a game with my account ''Romania93''. In my team there was 4 premades. I was on the top lane. I had a big lagg when begining to play it was over 500 ping (ms). I said to my team << guys, im lagging so hard.. blabla thinks about lagging..>> and then i died like 0-2. jungler didnt helped me top of course.. Then the team lost because of me that's what they was saying so they were insulting me and said that they will report me. I was angry but i just said like '' stfu plz'' or im lagging leave me alone'' or thinks like that. So, in fact, i wish to be unbanned becasue tribunal banned me for 3 weeks.

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Calys Teneb

Senior Member


1) Post the reform card that was sent to your email associated with your League of Legends account. Check the spam filters. If it's not there, contact support.

2) You don't get banned for three weeks on your first offense, unles Riot did a manual audit on your account. So you're leaving a bunch out.

3) A suspension of the account is often final. Riot Support expressly states that a ban is not overturned for any reason.

Q: Can my temporary suspension be lifted?

A: No. We will not lift or reduce your temporary suspension for any reason or under any circumstances.