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Thoughts on Blackfire Torch

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I have to agree with Hawk. I lost some and won some to ap teams, since the patch. They are more powerful now, to be sure, but not op.

There's some guy that puts Teemo on top of a list and says cheesecake, or something. If people are reading someone else's opinion list and they don't have much opinion themselves, then the reader will be scared of teemo.

Otherwise, plenty of champs have teleports or gap closers that hop right over any mushrooms or the like. Btw, Teemo's mushrooms, like many other champ's abilities, are completely predictable. Once a risk is predicted, then it is easily circumvented.

I, for one, am appreciative of the additional challenge sooty torch brings to the game.

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Blackfire is a very efficient item but I don't see the whining about it ruining the game. I personally couldnt believe they released such obviously unbalanced items. But it's hardly singlehandedly winning games. Its just not.

An analysis of BFT shows that it gives more than its cost in stats, AND its proc is worth 1500ish gold, giving it about a 50% efficiency bonus.
That is quite strong, but it doesn't singlehandedly win games.

Since its percentage based, its not as strong early as lategame, making it less valuable to rush it.

Even lategame vs 2500health bruisers, its adding 125 damage, which is like having 150 AP, except that it doesn't combo.
i.e. an annie that uses a combo of spells (like most AP champs) wont benefit nearly as much as 150AP worth.
Instead the Blackfire is better for Pokers who can hit and run. That makes it good on Teemo for example.

But even then, 150 extra AP worth of stats lategame isn't going to hugely affect the game. Inf Edge also adds a big degree of item efficiency, especially if you already have some crit. It actually CAN turn around some games in the hands of a carry. But we don't scream that IE has ruined our lives right?

I agree that Teemo isnt fun to play against. But AP Teemo was already pretty strong and annoying. Adding 5% damage (well, more like 10% due to DOT) isn't a dealbreaker.

All they have to do is nerf to 3% and remove the DOT-retriggering thing.