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the LoL community sometimes...

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CK Da King: thats me
Crazydrunk1: the jewel king
Touch My ePeen: imagine yoruself on your back
Touch My ePeen: and all four of us
Touch My ePeen: with our scrotes out
Touch My ePeen: going in and out of your mouth
CK Da King: im out of that
Touch My ePeen: sweet dreams babe
Pou1: wtf
CK Da King: im gay
Pou1: really wtf
Touch My ePeen: my balls
K1LL3R0F4LL: lol report
Touch My ePeen: your mouth
Touch My ePeen: mmhm
CK Da King: okay report

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I could have gone on with my life without that being shared with me. :-/