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don't like the new deathcap

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An extra Q can help, yes, but it is unlikely to be the finishing blow or save you after a Zhonya's active.

He needs good positioning and CDR for the extra Q, not the defensive active.

Veigar benefits rather heavily from maximizing his damage, and is just out-classed in the tanky AP territory.

You are in essence saying that every mage should be built tanky AP- and I argue that not all are suited to it as well as others.

Veigar actually rewards going glass cannon.

Veigar sucks in Dominion.

Also, I checked you on lolking and you build a Guinsoo's Rageblade on Nidalee...

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wow people in this thread don't know how to use hourglass active

jax jumping on you with his E on? hourglass, now he has no more leap and stun

someone just shot something at you or casted something under your feet? hourglass

2 bruisers dive you past your teammates? hourglass while your teammates blow them up

1v1'ing someone and you want to win the trades? hourglass any of their abilities, especially ones based on short durations

not hard dude