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Wanna know what Tribunal thinks on these cases

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Senior Member


Hey I just had these two cases come back from being pardoned and wanted to know what others thought of the ruling. The second case to me seemed like an obvious punish, but still.

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First one is very meh. I ultimately am not sure how people will vote on it, but it looks pardonable. It's just randomness, not really toxicity.

Second one:

Olaf [00:23:53] vayne
Olaf [00:23:56] fk u noob

Olaf [00:33:55] and i am a tank
Olaf [00:33:57] not killer
Olaf [00:34:00] u idiot?

Olaf [00:37:21] this nid is fking wasting time
Olaf [00:37:24] team ur mum

Olaf [00:38:12] ok?noob?
Olaf [00:38:21] is that what u want?

Olaf [00:38:54] so can i
Olaf [00:39:03] or just stun ur mouth

Nocturne [00:13:17] 4 noobs
Nocturne [00:13:32] learn to play la

Nocturne [00:36:14] haha
Nocturne [00:36:22] stupid cow

I don't know. He's being rude, but I don't know if it escalates to "toxic" -- I usually skip cases like this where I want to punish, but know that the tribunal may heavily disagree with me.

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Yeah, Tribunal community it kind of lenient IMO. I would have punished both.

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Case 1 game 1 alone is punishable for that amount of negativity and report threats - game 2 just ups the ante.

Case 2 doesn't really pick up until around halfway through game 2 when he dips into verbal abuse and insults, also entirely punishable.

Tribunal's problem is with Pardon spammers, not Punish spammers.