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Is The Tribunal That Stupid?

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Downvote to lock as well...

Brainiac, you're really missing the entire point of the system if you are paying anywhere near as much attention as you appear to be paying to the scoreboard as you do the chat. The scoreboard exists so that you can verify some of the (sometimes exaggerated) claims of the reports and chat.

You make it sound like you hit "Punish" on the cases that have reports of "Intentional Feeding" with no supporting chat and the offending player is something like 2/9/4.

That's just having a bad game and I'd much rather play with them than the guy screaming about noobs that's 9/2/4. Do you play to win or do you play to have a good time? If the former, perhaps thinking about the Tribunal at all will be a little more investment than you need.

My advice is to just play and try not to be a jerk. Let the more fun-conscious players worry about this stuff.