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My favorite champions don't have much to say..

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I'm an avid fan of both Dota and League (I have no better examples and I love them both equally so let's not flip about the word dota) for a long time. One of my favorite and I mean FAVORITE aspects of Dota is how many lines there are for Heroes.

With champions in league raising in quality and depth at a pretty steady incline as of late I was wondering if we could give some love to their lines!. I currently play muted and would love to be inclined to turn sound on for once, anxious to hear what my champion has to say!.

Also we are playing summoners who are controlling the champions, so why not play with that concept too, like more of the "You can't contain me summonerrr" but in certain situations, like if a kill gets away "YOU HAD ONE JOB". Those little things would make this game SO MUCH MORE FUN for me.