A poem for the lore fans

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Brian Wildblade

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We all fought all the way,
From Noxus' cages.
Together in arms,
We all clash them today.
But before I tell you all that,
First off I want to know:
Are you ready to listen?
Are you ready to roll?

In the fields of justice,
A life I shall repay,
For so long I have wondered,
Is this really my fate?
To fight again and again,
With no guidance or friend...

I do not like the unsetting Sun,
Nor do I see the Moon as the Queen.
Today probably a good day to die,
But alas here we are in this bar...
Drinking every bottle and shot,
Haven't we already had enough?

I only feel like it's time,
Because it flies like an arrow.
I embrace Valoran's progress,
But I don't know it's harmony...
So I leave from this nightmare,
Darkness will never win.

Am I going insane?
I fear I will never know...
For my tears and sorrows,
I have left to the void.

And it's taking and devouring my mind,
I feel the evil is lurking inside,
One of those breads felt so rotten indeed,
It was delicious so how would I see?

This world is so strange,
But in the end,
I know that the squirrel was here.

-A prayer to Lulu. For her who supports everyone while not trying to make sense out of things: She doesn't need it. All she needs is a tulip.