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Chat Rooms need an upgrade, badly

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Benadryl Jackson



As far as I can tell, the chat rooms have remained largely unchanged since I first started playing (shortly after beta). Here are some changes that I think are long overdue:

1.) Allow me to right click a Summoner's name in the chat field itself, instead of making me scroll through a huge list on the right to find them. Besides being just plain convenient, it would make ignoring spammers MUCH quicker and easier.

2.) Increase the maximum size of the chat rooms, and maybe add new ones. At peak hours, all four rooms are completely full, such that people who are looking for groups are advertising in the Strategy room, and so on. This is the most popular game in the world and each chat room has a max of only 200? Seriously?

3.) Human moderators. Hire me if you have to (hint hint).

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Got Crocs Bro



agree so much