Can not alt tab in game.

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Attachment 7582

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Attached a DxDiag and a GameLog.

Patches are up to date.
Drivers are up to date.
All Adobe software is up to date.

Running a 1680x1050 resolution.
VSync is disabled.

In game:

I attempt to play windowed mode, in various resolutions. In any of these, I am unable to alt tab. It brings up my explorer manager and shows my proper applications. When I get to lets say Firefox, then release my alt+tab, it pulls Firefox up in the background, but will not make it the primary screen, I have no control over it and LoL is still foremost on my monitor.

I need a resolution to this probelm so I am able to alt tab actively while playing.
No, alt+esc and ctrl+alt+delete dont work either, and this problem only exists in LoL

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Jesse Perring


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Thanks for reporting this. I've run into a few players with similar problems and I've asked the engineers to look into the problem.

I suggest updating Vista to SP2 in the mean time.