looking for ranked team or duo partner

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I jungle.
I jungle lee sin more specifically, and I do it well, but I'm versatile and can play any position.
Ive been up to 1300 elo and I'm horribly trapped in ELO hell. The elo isnt very impressive, however I'm willing to try out or play a few games with anyone willing to accept me. I prefer someone around 1500 elo, as that and above is what I am shooting for. ( Would be pointless to join the people I am trying to carry.) I understand losing on occasion and I'm pretty carefree, but I'm kinda tired of getting stuck as a support, and then supporting a team that doesnt know how to play. SOOO, if you need a jungler, I got you. If your looking for just a member, I got you. OH and to really help my case im 963 elo right now... yea.. I was 1242. Its like a bad gambling addiction that ranked stuff is.